it’s official: half of us are crazy

We are officially crazy, well at least 50% of us are.

Have you seen the ad during mental health week, on the ABC TV that said “1 in 2 Australians will suffer from mental illness during their life time?” It only lasted about a week before it was taken off.
Who in hell decided this percentage? Was it someone who is supposed to be sane? or did they have a committee of ‘learned people’ who decided on who has mental problems and who doesn’t. Remember a camel is a horse designed by a committee.

If 1 in 2 of all Australians suffer from mental illness, then logic would dictate that half the committee have a problem, that’s 1 in every 2 psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists, politicians, government officials, you name the professions and half the people you talk to are crazy, that’s if your not the one.

I understand the ad was to promote ‘Mental Health Week’. It is designed to help people reach out, seek help and bring awareness to the issues. I guess they are hoping people who are mentally unbalanced will seek help if they have a mental problem, but then who are they going to ask for help at least half of who they ask will also be looking for help.

These type of statistics are a joke;  they send the wrong message out. Imagine you are a teenager sitting at home watching this ad –  do you look at your parents and wonder which one is crazy or do you think you might be the one?

I believe we are all insane. I don’t ‘think’ 50% have a mental problem. I believe 99% of us have one. Just take a quick look at the world we live in. We have pretty much in my lifetime screwed up every part of this planet. Our quality of life is being slowly eroded away.

When I look at the world from my ‘common sense’ it seems to be absolutely insane at the moment, the world that is, not me. We don’t seem to care about our environment, our air water and soil are all quickly being degraded.  We are fighting religious wars over who has the real version of God; money and greed seem to be the Gods we pray to. We have pollution and addiction, we are swamped with advertising to buy junk that is supposed to make us happy.
This is the film of illusion, the Buddhist Maya, the delusion, the smoke and mirrors that our ego minds keep us in the constant loop of suffering. The ego loves to keep us busy in the dream world so we don’t take the time to connection with our higher consciousness.

The sad thing is that we are building a world based on our mistakes and our need for what appears to be safety and security. We create laws to fix the problems, so we build a world made from a platform of what is wrong not on what is right.
We are dumbing down our brains with negative tv, newspapers, movies, smartphones etc.The amount of negative crap that bombards our senses everyday creates neuronal networks in our brains that are focused in the fight and flight centers. This is why we have an obsession to read and watch the news. Our brains are designed to look for danger so what are the dangers to avoid today?

I am sure that we are all of low intelligence. I know from my studies of the brain and eastern philosophy that the whole human race is living at a lower level of intelligence and that our brains have become over stimulated in the primitive reptilian areas (fight and flight responses) and parietal areas ( keeps us separate) of the brain. We have a brain that has 100 billion brain cells (neurons) each cell has an average of 5000 possible connections. We have over a quadrillion possibilities and yet, mostly we stay within our personal life story patterns limited by our early childhood training.

Who has decided that we are having a mental problem, maybe it is a mental breakthrough? How do they know? What if you are having a ‘spiritual emergence’, what if you are waking up, out of the delusional world dream into the the truth of who you are?
Of course the Buddhists and Yogic Masters have been teaching and guiding people how to find the pathways to peace for thousands of years. Western psychology is relatively new, only 200 years, compared to Buddhist psychology over 2000 years.

Many saints have appeared to be crazy at some period in their life’s journey. (e.g.Saint Frances and Rama Krishna) To ‘normal’ society they didn’t fit in, they were anything but normal. We are told that depression is on the increase but maybe a person becomes depressed when they start to wake up and see how crazy the world is around them.

For many reasons the western mind seems to be stuck  in the logical, analytical, rational left brain, thereby cutting it self off from the intuitive, spatial awareness of the right brain and making us half brained.

And it isn’t going to get any better until we wake up to what we are doing to ourselves. Recognising that we all are coming from a level of low intelligence is difficult especially when everyone else is also more or less in the space, and that we are all using the brain to research the brain. Thank God for the higher intelligence of Spiritual masters and geniuses who show us what we need to do to awakened our higher whole brain intuitive wisdom.

This is a great time of big changes. We all sit on the knifes edge. The big question is, are we willing to change the fundamental way we think and see the world?

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