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Emotional Freedom Techniques
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BioEtheric Healing

This could be called spiritual healing or pranic healing. We work by holding our hands above the body allowing energy to move through the outer energy layer of the body. This energy layer is called the etheric layer in the west and Wei Qi in the east. Clients have many different experiences from feeling heat to falling asleep.
It can be a very peaceful and relaxing experience

Pranic healing has had 20 years of extensive documented research and study done before it was released to the public. Pranic healing is one of the most comprehensive systems of healing because it works on a quantum physic level. Working on the bio energetic blue print of our physical body where disease will first appear before manifesting itself as physical symptoms. It heals holistically covering physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects and working on 13 major charkas as opposed to the usual 7 and a host of minor charkas including those located on each individual organ.

"With elegant simplicity & practical wisdom Pranic healing shows you how to harness the healing power that exists in every human being"
Deepak Chopra

mandala hands

Reiki Healing

Reiki is Universal Energy. It is a safe, powerful, but gentle way of using light/energy/sound to restore balance to yourself and others. Reiki integrates your physical, emotional, mental intuitive dynamic.

Who needs Reiki?
Everyone can benefit. Reiki is for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Reiki is also for all of you who are healthy and plan to stay that way.

Reiki Origin
Reiki can be traced back to ancient China, Tibet and India. It was reawakened in Japan in the 1860's by Mikao Usui, a healer and buddhist practitioner.

Reiki Benefits
Works on the cause of disease. Reduces stress and tension. Restores energy used up throughout the day. Promotes wellbeing. Encourages the body to heal chronic illness. Enhances concentration and calms the mind.

Reiki Treatment
A treatment takes about one hour and is systematically applied to the body. The person being treated remains clothed, while the practitioner places his/her hand on the area being treated.

Learning Reiki
By attending a weekend workshop conducted by a trained Reiki Teacher, full instruction is given on how to use Reiki in your daily life. Reiki is transferred from teacher to student through specific empowerments. These empowerments allow Reiki to flow in a recipient for life.

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