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Emotional Freedom Techniques
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Meditation and Relaxation Classes

Our classes where started because we observed that many of our new clients where suffering from busy minds coming from busy lives filled with stress. It seems people have lost or never taken the time to practise the true art of "being peaceful", or of just taking the time each day to rest and recharge or re-create. Everyone of us needs some loving kindness, time to sit and feel who we are. Each of us need time to forgive, let go and love who we truly are, i.e. Divine beings having an earthy experience not the other way around.

Our body/minds need a time each day to process all that we do, the mind and nervous system needs to be given a chance to let go and relax. We all need time to just be. Remember we are called human beings not human doings.

Just before the Buddha reached Enlightment he heard a music teacher telling his student how to play the lute. The teacher said, "if you tighten the sting to tight, the string will break and if you have the string to lose it will not play". In this moment the Buddha recognised the path to enlightment was through the middle way.

4 week classes on a Monday night 7.15 pm till 9.15pm.

Classes are run depending on the demand. We discuss the many styles of meditation. Covering the 4 levels of awareness -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The class includes discussion time followed by Relaxation and Meditation. FEE is $10, or a hug depending on what you feel comfortable with.

Essential to book, please call 0411 715 700 or Email Us for more information

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