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Laser Therapy - Revitalise :: Repair :: Regenerate :: Recover

What conditions do we treat with Infra-Red/Red light Laser Therapy?

Collagen Regeneration
Cellular metabolism, good circulation and natural collagen production all decrease as we age. Skin cells take longer to regenerate and the damaging effects of free radicals take their toll, which is ultimately reflected in the outward appearance of the skin Regular Red-Laser Therapy on specific acupuncture points enhances the effect of the skin and body treatments. Red Light Laser supports the appearance of a clearer, healthier and softer skin.

The Laser increases the production of your natural collagen combined with a deep acting affect on the underlying muscles. This increases and significantly improves sagging tissues of face and neck. Facial lines soften and diminish as natural collagen improves.

Skin Rejuvenation
Our Red Laser is used on energy points for poor skin tone and wrinkles, sagging & thinning tissues especially on the face and neck. The treatment includes the stimulation of energy-body points that give an overall tonification to the body's organs, slowing down the aging process without drugs or surgery.

Improve your well-being
Extensive laboratory and clinical research into this method of laser application has shown that

Muscular-Skeletal Pain Relief & Tissue Repair
Laser treats- Sports & fitness injuries, Chronic Back pain, Shoulder and Neck pain, Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis, Deep Bruising, Torn Ligaments, Sprained ankles and knees, cartilage problems. Laser aids bone integration with implants, and reduces the time it takes to heal and recover.

Laser speeds up repair processes, increases the natural recovery powers of the injured tissues, and enhances auto analgesic reactions within the body.

Detox and Improve Lymphatic Drainage
Accumulation of metabolic wastes and organic acids within our tissues can interfere with chemical and bio- electrical processes. Good circulation is vital to the ongoing health and maintenance of the human body and immune system. Research has shown with this Red Light-Infrared Laser system

How does it all work?

Light is essential to life. Both animals and plants exist though indirect or direct reactions to light. Life on earth is said to originate from organic matter and evolved in response to light and the environment. Not only plants, but human tissue can absorb light and emit light, which can stimulate or modify metabolic processes. This phenomenon of bioluminescence induces important biological reactions and enhances vital cellular energies which are all essential to sustain life.

Our Laser Therapy utilizes & supports this natural phenomenon with a system of highly specialised lasers.Multiple frequencies of light are delivered through the skin and converted by our cells into vital cellular energy (ATP), which is necessary for regeneration and repair of the human body.


Is there any heat or burning produced?
NO. Our Multilase Laser is a NON-thermal laser. It is completely different from the lasers used for hair removal and skin resurfacing. Those thermal lasers are designed to be destructive of the cellular proteins. ( ie they burn the epidermal layer or hair follicle).

The Multilase Laser we use is Non-Thermal and `reconstructive red light.' It enhances cellular health through biomodulation - it stlmulates and heals the cells by feeding them with energy in the form of red/infra red light.

Are there any side effects?
This method of Non-thermal low level laser therapy has not been reported to produce injury or adverse side effects in more than two decades of clinical use.

It is painless, safe and highly effective when applied by a qualified healthcare practitioner certified in this method of laser therapy.

How long will it take to see results?
You will begin to see changes almost immediately as the cells take up the Laser energy. However it will depend on your general state of health and the condition being treated. Most Clients experience and see gradual changes as the blood flow improves over the treatment period. This will continue to occur for some time afterward, particularly with scar treatments.

How many treatments will my condition need?
This depends on the condition and the size of the area being treated. Some conditions require several treatments a week, others may just need a weekly treatment. This is determined in the Initial Consultation.

An Initial Consultation is essential to discuss your health issue and to determine treatment duration. All Treatments are approached from a wholistic point of view - encompassing the Traditional Energy Meridian and Western Naturopathic principles.

Please be aware that Red Light Laser therapy works accumulatively.
It takes approx. 30 days for the blood to go through one complete change. This means to see results you will need to attend a series of at least 6 to 10 treatments. One or two treatments will not achieve real or lasting results.

Shauna & RobertShauna & Robert Kendall are both certified Laser Therapy Practitioners.

Multilase® Integrated Laser The™ is only provided by certified Laser Therapists registered with the Australian Institute of Laser Therapy. Our fully computerised therapy Laser system incorporating 3 unique laser delivery systems to provide maximum efficiency and optimum therapeutic effects.

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