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BodyTalk is a style of Kinesiology that incorporates many styles of Natural Therapies. It works on the premise that ill health has been caused by the seperation of the brain's healing abilities to the body.

Treatment relies on the body's own Inner Wisdom to guide the Practitioner to find the best order to treat and reconnect. Through muscle testing the body/mind will direct what part of the body/mind are to be treated first. In this way the practitioner follows the guidence given by the client's own inner wisdom. Often the results are astounding and surprising.

A healthy body relies on all the bodys' systems communicating effectively. Your Symptoms of Pain & Dis-ease are often a loss of this vital communication.

What disrupts the bodies communication system?

Physical, emotional stress or trauma, surgery, the birth process, fatigue, dehydration, the incomplete healing of diseases, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, and everyday stress on the body due to poor eating habits, lack of sleep and our very 'busy' lifestyles.

What happens in a session?

You lay down relaxed and you are fully clothed on a massage table. Through neuromuscular biofeedback (muscle reflex testing), we determine which parts of the body need to be communicating and begin to balance them by using gentle tapping on both sides of the head (brain) and then on the heart, while you do slightly exaggerated breathing. By tapping on the brain, we tell it to "learn" the newly corrected link and then on the heart - to remember it or "store it" (as we " know and learn things by heart").

BodyTalk will help you achieve a better level or 'harmony' of health . This could help you have more energy, less stress, and you will be much happier.

BodyTalk can help with:

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