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Creativity, Art Therapy and Healing Mandalas

Allowing your creativity to develop will open your expressiveness, therefore releasing emotional blockages, opening your access to the right side of the brain and into the alpha - brain wave pattern..

Our nervous systems needs time for regeneration or recreation - when your brain is in Alpha mode your body is regenerating. Healing happens 10 times faster when you are relaxed and are in an Alpha brain rhythm. Creative activities will lead you naturally into this state of being.

Personally we prefer painting, as it can be achieved by everyone, and not only does it stimulate creativity but it is a great way to express emotions safely on paper. Other creative activities may work as well, esp. creative free dancing, writing, music and many more....

Art Therapy

Art therapy uses the creation of visual art to help people discover and express their feelings. Unlike art for art's sake, which focuses on the finished piece, art therapy focuses on the process of creation itself. Moreover, the activity is undertaken primarily for its healing benefits rather than for the creative end result; in fact, the piece of artwork may never be shown to anyone outside the therapy session. The act of making a piece of visual art triggers internal activity that contributes to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Art therapy can be incorporated with psychology (in which art is used to uncover hidden emotions) and physical therapy (which uses art to help build self-confidence and aid rehabilitation). Child psychologists and family therapists often use art therapy because children have a hard time putting feelings into words.

Art therapy helps healing in various ways

First, the aesthetic quality of the work produced can lift a person's mood, boost self-awareness, and improve self-esteem.

Second, research shows that physiological functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration, slow when people are deeply involved in an activity they enjoy.(This is the alpha state of the brain)

In addition, making art also provides an opportunity for someone to exercise their eyes and hands, improve eye-hand coordination, and stimulate neurological pathways from the brain to the hands. The creation of art helps people get in touch with thoughts and feelings that are often hidden from the conscious mind. It is often easier to express yourself through another medium, instead of speaking out loud.

Enjoy your creativity ....

We offer creative art therapy and Mandala workshops for more details please click here.

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