Letting Go – The Pathway to Surrender

Part 1.

The title of this blog is the same title of a book I am currently reading. The author is a famous psychiatrist, Dr David R. Hawkins, who most people would know as the author of Power versus Force. Dr Hawkins pasted away in 2012 but his legacy lives on in the amazing research he conducted over his life. This remarkable professor  was also an awakened Soul.
He used kinesiology – muscle testing to define what he called a ‘map of consciousness’. He was a psychiatrist who ran a large psychiatric hospital with a staff of 50 therapists with 2000 out patients. He would get up to a 1000 new patients a year. Patients come from every country. He would get the most severe cases, Many people who were brought to him were in his own words, ‘the most hopeless of the hopeless”
But in each patient he saw what would heal them. In his own words again, “Beneath the crippled appearance, there was the shinning essence of love and beauty, perhaps so obscured to ordinary vision that he or she had become totally unloved in this world.”


entering the inner temple

He recognised the fact that everyone needs to be loved. And as he help his patients connect to their own love within and see who they really were, they began to recover.

Now what has made this book so remarkable for me, is the honesty it which he shares his own journey. For all his wisdom and awareness he himself became very sick. He gave so much he lost himself. Even with his awakened self he became physically sick. There were too many people crying out for help and the work became to much for him  his body went into decline
He had over 26 recognised health problems, everything from migraine headaches to diverticulitis, that occasionally required hospitalization. His friends were making bets on how look he was going to last. He felt embarrassed and ashamed of all his problems.
In the chapter, “physician heal thyself’  he wrote, “The inner question at the time was:how could a successful, highly educated professional man, functioning creatively in the world, leading a balanced life, who had been thoroughly psychoanalyzed and experienced many modalities of therapy and healing, still have so many physical ailments?”

He finally recognised that he had a very strong will that pushed aside all obstacles to him being an effective doctor. His willpower suppressed his feelings. His clinical and scientific work demanded that he suppress his own negative feelings day after day, year after year. This was especially hard given that he worked daily with severely ill people and as a compassionate person he understood that the suppression of his emotions was the major cause of all his health problems.
He came to the understanding that he had made his thoughts more important than the feelings that accompanied them. He had pushed his emotional feelings down away from his consciousness into his subconsciousness and physical body. There they had built up over the years into physical dis-eases.

He understood that ignoring his feelings was slowly killing him, so he decided it was time to leave New York and head for the hills. He moved to a quiet town in the country and began an deeper inner journey that focused on his recovery through meditation and study.

This was to take seven years.

In my next blog I will share with you what Dr Hawkins discovered and how it is having a profound change in how I live my life..

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