Something wonderful seems to happen

Something wonderful seems to happen when you meditate

Recently I was reflecting on the deeper purposes of meditation and how throughout my life, my daily meditation practice has been the rock steady foundation of my day.

It is the first thing I do every morning, it gets me through the day. I have found that if I don’t meditate it takes about 3 days before I become agitated and stressed. I definitely need to ‘show up at the mat’  to give myself and the world the loving kindness that naturally appears when I reach that inner space of peace and love.

Give the Beloved half and hour and
the Beloved gives you back the rest of the day.

It is what motivated me to create my online program. Many of my students and clients felt overwhelmed with all they should be doing, it seems harder these days for people to find the time to just sit and feel peaceful. The age of information has given us plenty of information to keep our minds busy but we forget that wisdom comes from the blending of information, life experience and inspired (to breathe in spirit) thinking.

Since completing Breaking the Stress Cycle I have been endeavouring to find a way to describe the many gifts I feel are embedded within the lessons.

My initial idea for creating this course, came from what I had experienced first hand from  years of being in clinical practice and teaching Superlearning, Relaxation and Meditation courses. And my experience was this:  Something wonderful seemed to happen to people who where willing to let go their outer world and go deep within.

It seemed in this simple practice of surrendering themselves into a guided relaxation meditation for 20 to 30 minutes a day, they developed a deeper sense of who they are and found a deeper connection to a higher power within. They discovered the inner peace that was sitting quietly behind all the busyness, stress filled thinking that their daily life seemed to create.

They began to share with some amazement and wonder, how their thoughts had gone from unhappiness, unworthiness, anger, fear and the like, and moved toward thoughts of happiness, kindness, compassion, love and inner peace without any major effort on their part.  A freeing up of all the inner tightness.

So this is the crux of my dilemma, how do I inspire people to consider the importance of finding inner peace and love by quieting their minds and being still?

Over the past year I have felt the challenge of this question. however a break through came when I opened ‘Ask and it is Given’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks’Ask (The Teaching of Abraham, Hay House)

In this great book I was guided to read page 183, ‘The Process of Meditation.’ And here was reflected back to me the foundations of my course with the added understanding of how to have all your desires/goals fulfilled.
What I especially loved was the simplicity of how, in the process of spending 15 minutes meditating each day you realign to your TrueSelf and the Highest vibration of your Inner Being.

What I found amusing, was once I read this in this book, the same message starting appearing in all the other books I opened. Such as Joe Dispenza’s book, ‘Becoming Supernatural’ (Hay House) – a great read, especially if you are looking for how the body and brain works during meditation.
And my favourite teaching manual, ‘A Course in Miracles’, Pub; Foundation for Inner Peace. Everything I have ever needed on my spiritual path is in this book, I just have to be open enough to accept it.

So what are the common threads?
Abraham says that all you need to do is quieten your mind; we have all heard that before, but what I found important was, that he also said, when you quieten your mind you allow the Source Energy within you to freely flow through you.
This allows your natural higher pure vibration of Self to pop up in your life and you will experience your own state of thriving and wellbeing.  Don’t you love the simplicity?!

When I was in India the teachers there told me that I don’t have to do any more ‘work’ on sorting out my mind. I have done enough, all I need do is get out of my and God’s way and allow grace to flow.

Abraham says, ‘you do not have to work
at being in this vibration. It is natural for you to experience the high, fast, pure vibration of your Inner Being.
But you do have to stop holding the thoughts that cause you to lower your vibration.’

Christ says, in A Course of Miracles, “That all the Miracle worker has to do is accept the Atonement (the undoing of errors) for himself”.
Christ is very clear that we are all Spirit, all love and the only problem we all have, is that we believe we aren’t.
He also points out that to fully experience who we are, all we need do is let go all our disbeliefs, forgive, quieten our minds and allow grace to flow fully through our life. Easy right?  Our Mind’s make it complicated. Easy if we are willing to let go the resistance the mind creates.

The meditation process that Abraham recommends, helps you to release any thoughts that cause resistance to block Source Energy to flow. Any stress, anxiety, worry, anger, etc are negative feelings that lower your vibration. It only takes 15 minutes of effort to sit and allow your mind to become quiet. He says there is a big benefit in connecting to your Higher Self and that is, you will notice right away that things you have been wanting will begin showing up.
Why? because in Abrahams words,

you have already been asking and now, during your time of meditation (allowing), you have stopped the resistance that has been holding it away and are now allowing your desires to flow into your experience.’

After reading and reflecting on Abraham and A Course in Miracles, I have an even deeper appreciation for the ‘gifts of allowing’ that are embedded throughout the lessons of my online program.

The techniques, breathing exercises and meditations are all designed to bring you to this quiet still place within, free of negative vibrations and resistances. It is within the lessons that you have the opportunity to naturally experience your higher vibration of good feeling thoughts.

Loving kindness, joy and inner peace all sit within our hearts
patiently awaiting our arrival.
Are you willing to take the journey inward?

 Rob has created ‘Breaking the Stress Cycle –Cultivating Inner Calm for the Soul“, a new online course designed to help people move past their negative stress patterns and discover the happiness and peace that awaits within.

Designed to help those who want to move on, out of day to day survival mode and into healthier life expression. 

Robert Kendall is a Wholistic Natural Energy Medicine Practitioner,
B.Ac.Med.Herb,Kinesiologist. mATMS 

He runs courses on Meditation, Deep Relaxation, Self transformation and ‘Breaking the Stress Cycle’ (online).
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