The secret ingredient

My online course has a secret ingredient.

I have studied martial arts for many years. I love the wisdom and technology of Tai Qi, Qi Gong and all forms of kung fu. “I love Kung Fuuuuu”. : )  But as a westerner I was often told that there were many secret techniques that would not be shown to westerners.

Only the advanced students who had proven themselves worthy would be lead through the secret door into the hidden chamber to receive the special initiation into the most advanced practices blah blah blah.

Since the advent of kung fu movies and sci-fi movies every fighter now has to have the skill of the best martial artist, so the lid has been taken off all the special techniques and skills. However it is one thing to know about the technique and another to use it.

The real secrets are not in the technique but in the student. A keen student who is willing to practice and practice until the skill becomes second nature. The ardent student must practice until the skill pattern becomes embedded in the subconscious, ligaments and muscle groups.

What I have learnt over my many years that it really is experience and practice that leads to greater understanding, that leads to a greater experience, that leads to greater wisdom. All the secrets are naturally revealed when the student truly develops the ‘eyes to see’.

When I practice Tai Qi I am always reminding myself of what my teacher told me to do.
“Soften Robert, drop your weight, let go any tension in your body, move slowly, stay focused on what you are doing right now, give over to gravity”.

It sounds easy but the best masters had to practice this softening skill for years before they could fight without any tension in their body.  Their secret ingredient was total body relaxation. It gave them the internal power to send a person flying across a room with very little effort.

This happened to me after I was training for 4 years. I was at the kitchen table one evening and my friend accidentally knocked a pen off the table’s edge and I just reached across and caught it as it fell. My friend who observed all this said ‘wow your fast’ however to me it was falling slowly.  Somehow my brain had become so fast in its reactions that time slowed down. What was even stranger was –
I had become faster by practising being slow.


What has this got to do with my online course? Well over my many years of teaching Meditation and Deep relaxation what has become very clear to me is that if you wish to discover inner peace or the secret of awakening the internal spark of Self, you must first be willing to face your inner demons.

Those destructive emotions of fear, anger, worry anxiety, guilt, mind chatter etc. You must face them and relax. Letting go any struggle, gives immense freedom. This is surrendering to what is happening in your life.

When you face your fears you realise that all the drama is within your mind and that is just electrical/ chemical interference we call thoughts.
These thoughts are like grey clouds blocking out the light of the sun of consciousness, that always shines brightly.
Thoughts are just thoughts, the suffering comes from the internal struggle we have with our selves and the resistances we build up internally.

There are so many paths up the mountain of enlightenment and every person will have a favourite path. So many techniques, so many directions however funnily enough they all point upward.

The problem we may encounter with so many paths, is that we can become lost, confused and even trapped. We can end up going around and around the mountain or stuck in a dead end.

The Masters all relied on one specific technique to help them find the path again. And this is my secret ingredient that the course has been built around. They would take themselves into a very deep and relaxed state of inner peace. They would let go and stop any struggling.  They would simply soften and relax, just as we are taught to do in Tai Qi.

It is from this deep inner space, that the Masters knew, that the light of Divine presence would shine out and reveal the path once again.

I have endeavoured to create in my course the tools and techniques to bring the body into a deep state of relaxation and inner quiet. Each meditation cycle is designed to bring you to a state of inner peace. To quieten the mind and to create a space where the student can reconnect and rediscover the Inner Source of TrueSelf.

I know reawakening to Source energy occurs when a person is willing to take the time each day to reestablish their connection to the presence of love. When we allow ourselves the time and space to listen within, something magical happens to our sense of Self.

Words are never enough to describe what it is, only experience reveals the full potential of a path that meditation and deep relaxation will take us along.

All of us have Love and happiness abiding deep within. It is helpful to remain mindful that to get free of our suffering we must be willing to give up the struggling, we must be willing to let go, relax and allow love out.

As the saying goes ‘The door of the Heart only opens from within.’

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