I can’t meditate or relax because my mind is always busy

Meditation leads you to a Loving heart and a Peaceful mind-is that true?
by Robert Kendall

Meditating for 45 years (wow) has brought me many gifts, profound insight, frustration, joy filled laughter (mostly at the antics of my own mind) and profound peace and inner connection.

When teaching people how to meditate the biggest problem I hear is “I can’t meditate  because I just can’t stop thinking, my mind is always busy and I just end up sitting there frustrated and angry at myself”.

My answer to that is “good! your meditation is working”.
Most people want to learn to meditate so they may feel peaceful and happy, which really means they are unhappy, stressed, tense, worried, angry,  etc.  All those negative emotions that cause you suffering and be in some form of pain.

But that also cause us to look for answers.

They are spending all their time trying to get rid of their negative emotions. Pushing them away, suppressing them, avoiding them anyway they can, the old sex, drugs and rock and roll story. It is taking the trip on the river ‘de-nial’.

The big problem with that is, that it takes a huge amount of emotional and mental energy to avoid or suppress or ‘manage’ your negative feelings.

When I ask people if they are ‘stressed’ they often say ‘no I am not stressed’ and then with their next breath tell me all their problems and how unhappy they feel. Over all my years as a practitioner my clients often refuse to identify that all their negative emotions are causing their body and mind stress and that this stress is causing them to have physical health problems.

Science now shows us that our negative emotions are chemically produced as neuropeptides and that we store all these negative emotions in our fascia tissue. This tissue wraps all our muscles, tendons, skin and hormonal glands.

What we now understand is that all emotions have a direct effect on the brain and physical body. Hence the fact that excessive negative emotion will cause the body to first go into  emotional energy patterns that then lead to chemical imbalances. We can simply say unexpressed negative emotions are lodged within the body and brain.

This long term chronic stress will cause us to go into survival mode and we will lose the ability to access our greater consciousness  and the endless possibilities that the Universe holds for us.

The good news is that once you recognise you have stress patterns playing out in your mind and body there are some very simple things for you to do.

When my meditation students are struggling to quieten their minds I instruct them to stop struggling against the stream of thoughts that are spewing forth into their consciousness. I point out that their negative stored emotional energy is simply being released into their awareness.

The worse thing anyone can do is try to fight against or suppress it. That is causing more angst while trying to get rid of your stress.

The best thing to do, is do nothing. Allow it all to flow through your mind as clouds past the window of your mind. Accept all and become the internal witness, the quiet observer to all that is arising within you.

I know this sounds easy but it can be a challenge when it feels like your thoughts are a never ending river of flotsam and jetsam, forever swirling around vying for your attention.

Yes this takes courage and for your ego, the small self, it often seems like a life and death struggle. However, when I am badly suffering, this is the only thing I find works.

From my own meditative experience, when I become quiet, sit and feel into my pain and breathe into my body, where I feel the pain actually sits, something starts to change.
As the energy begins to dissolve or resolve, my emotional pain lessens and I start to feel better, more peaceful, more attuned to my true-self or Source Energy or Divine Presence.

Of course this is where we all want our meditations to go, to the higher conscious, the freedom of the expanded state, happiness and the awareness of Love’s Presence.

(All we have to do is gently nudge ourselves forward – with the faith and willingness the size of a mustard seed! – and be willing to move..) All you need to succeed is to have the willingness to move through the grey clouds of thoughts and emotions that fill your mind and enclose your heart. All you need is faith and willingness the size of a mustard seed to find the inner peace and loving presence that awaits within.
And yes it is there. Really, really.

Loving kindness and inner peace sits within our hearts patiently awaiting our arrival. Are you willing to make the journey?

 Rob has created ‘Breaking the Stress Cycle – Stress management for the Soul”, a new online course designed to help people move past their negative stress patterns and discover the happiness and peace that awaits within.
Designed to help those who want to move on, out of day to day survival mode and into healthier life 
expression. Our goal is to access greater and greater levels of inner freedom, vitality and embody our untapped potential. By practicing the gentle art of deep relaxation/meditation, couple with music and breathing exercises, Robert aims to help you  experience a gentle healing state of Inner Peace.

Robert Kendall is a Wholistic Natural Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Dip.Med.Herb, Kinesiologist. B.Ac. mATMS 

He runs courses on Meditation, Deep Relaxation and ‘Breaking the Stress Cycle’ (online).
We have a new website dedicated to our new online courses www.in8wisdom.com
You may contact us by email info@in8wisdom.com or robert@heavenearthhealing.com

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