This full moon is really messing with my head

This full moon is really messing with my head.

You know the word lunacy comes from lunar. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they say that the energy is drawn up to the head and it is best not to treat the head during a full moon because you can make headaches worse. Best to treat the lower body and legs to pull the energy downwards.
‘If you want to relieve a headache massage the feet’

Anyway back to me (have we stopped talking about me?) It has been really hard for me to stay focused on finishing my online course (Breaking the Stress Cycle). I am so close to hitting the publish button and feel incredibly impatient to see it up and running. But my perfectionism keeps me wanting to add more or change what I have, which just keeps me extending my launch date.

When I was an artist, painting watercolours and acrylics on canvas, I learnt a valuable lesson, and that was ‘paintings are never really finished they just stop in interesting places’. At some point you either frame it, sell it or stick it under the bed for 3 months.

Another painting lesson that was equally valuable was that you start a painting by stepping in close and occasionally stepping back to get the greater picture. But as you get close to finishing you begin to do the reverse. You spend more time stepping back and occasionally stepping in closer to highlight important areas.

The trouble comes when you are always in close and keep ‘fiddling’ and when you do step back, more times than not, you have made a mess.

I have done my best to avoid doing this with my course but because the course is in my head and not on a canvas that’s in front of me,  I keep losing track of where I am and how it all looks. Thank God and my wife for giving me the bigger picture.

I have used all my tricks of creating mind maps, lists and a time line and they have all helped. It doesn’t take much however, like the full moon, to pull my brain into states of overwhelm and confusion. It usually only lasts for a day or two but this time it seems to taking its time to clear.

Am I frightened of putting myself out there? I have considered that the moon and my confusion is just a stalling technique created by my ego. I have to admit there are lots of anti- stress courses out there and it can be self destructive to start comparing my course with other people who I admire.

To stay centered I have had to stay connected to what I feel my course has that other people’s don’t have. What will make my course unique? What are the gifts that I have learnt from teaching meditation and relaxation classes for over 40 years?

At the end of the day when I take the time to stand back and look at what I have created I am quite pleased with myself.  I think what I have created will be a great help to people who are starting out on the road of self discovery and self transformation.

I know the timing is right as this world at one level is a mess of negative stresses and at another level there are billions of people wanting to change how they live, work and love.

I have decided that I will launch my first course as a pilot program.
In that way I can ask people to join me in co-creating an even better course.
My pilot students will be getting the course at a substantially discounted price in exchange for their feedback, insights and testimonials.

I am hoping with their help that I will eventually create a course that helps heal the world.
A course that helps people reconnect to their Higher Selves, lift out of survival mode and move into their full powers as creative beings of love and light.

When I fully stand back and look at my own picture I do recognise that I am teaching what I most want to learn.  ‘We teach most what we want to learn’ and I want to learn how to be a fully evolved loving, peace-filled being.

I will begin to gather students over the next month for a launch in January followed by webinars and the 6 week Pilot program in ‘Breaking your Stress cycles’.

If you are interested in joining us in this co-creative adventure then please email us and we will add you to the list of potential students.

Rob listens to relaxation cycle

Taking the time to change

Robert Kendall is a Wholistic Natural Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Dip.Med.Herb, Kinesiologist. retired B.Ac. mATMS

He runs courses on Meditation, Deep Relaxation and ‘Breaking the Stress Cycle’ (online).
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