Learning to find the blue sky called NOW


How do you find now? By letting go of the past and giving up your ideas of the future.
How do you do that? You just let go of controlling your thoughts and emotions.
How do you do that? You sit still in a comfortable position and you become the watcher and feeler of your thoughts and emotions. You give up controlling your feelings and thoughts and you let them run wild until they have no more energy, they begin to slow down and moments of peace, acceptance and stillness appear. “Hey you are meditating!”

While you meditate you might see your mind as a beautiful blue sky and your thoughts are the clouds that travel across the sky blocking the light. There are times when the clouds turn grey and fill with rain, hail, lightening and strong winds making the world dark and forlorn. But behind all that noise and movement sits the beautiful blue sky and glowing yellow sun. So depending on what you focus on will depend on what you experience in that moment. “Hey your meditating again”.the pass

Meditating is easy if we understand that we have complete freedom to create our day by deciding on what to focus on in every moment. We do this anyway unconsciously in every moment. This ability to choose means that we have the power to completely change our world by changing our focus.

Time is made up of the internal movements of our thoughts.  What most of us fail to understand is that we are creating our world every second by the choices we make, what we look at or observe. And our choices are usually subconscious patterns that we have learned from the womb, birth, childhood etc.

Think about all the layers of learned patterns you are experiencing in this moment? There is the DNA/RNA pattern given to you by your parents along with the birth experience and the layers of your parents beliefs, society and the culture you have grown up in. What about the ancient mind’s morphogenic fields of the myriad civilizations that have existed on this planet. The layers of beliefs coming from science, medicine and religion. The influence of the age of information is having on us through all the multimedia. Then there are all the energies of nature, the seasons and planetary influences.

We are all beginning to experience that information overload. Our thoughts and emotions are being pulled at in a million ways, on a daily bases. Most people develop internal filters to protect themselves. what quantum science calls your “personal perceptional bias”.

Our brains are designed to look for danger. They are designed to use the 5 senses to focus on things that might harm us. What this means is that the brain will remember and record what is dangerous, faster with more energy that the safe good times. Some neuroscientists say that this can be up to 5 times stronger in memory than a happy positive thought. To support this the brain creates neural pathways with the required  chemistry. This is how we develop the addictions and habitual negative thought patterns.

We are all suffering from ‘negative emotional overload’. This causes our bodies and subconscious mind to believe we are being threatened ‘all the time’. We give ourselves very little time to rest, relax and be happy. We have become addicted to the adrenaline rush that comes internal stress and excessive thinking. The brain has no place to rest or to re-create (recreation) healthy, safe peaceful internal environments. Our inner world is as polluted as our outer world.

My answer is meditation. I give myself time to practice inner quiet, but not in the way you would expect. I begin by always taking the time I need to feel safe and as deeply relaxed as I can become. Often this means just sitting, breathing and letting go of all my internal struggles by stepping back and becoming the witness, what the masters call the quiet observer.

Meditation is an art because skill and experience is needed to fully receive all that sitting in silence, stillness and Presence can give you.
I will share with you 5 basic practices, that once learned will give the student all the skills needed to change any aspect of their lives. In our half day meditation class we explore these 5 techniques making it easy to start experiencing the benefits that meditation brings.

This day will hold the key to improving many aspects of your life. Does it sound to good to be true? Well there is only one way to find out – give it a go and see what is possible. In the least you will have a relaxing afternoon and at best you might just learn skills that will change your life.candle[1]

My wife Shauna and I will be giving an afternoon of 5 meditation techniques in Robina, Gold Coast on Sunday afternoon 21st February 2016. 12.30 to 5.30pm

For more information and bookings
Rob 0411 715 700   E: hello@heavenearthhealing.com



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