Stress is becoming an epidemic

canyon_man_1[1]You know how you feel when you have had a stressful day at home or work. Your body and mind will give you all the signals. if you are stressed, frustrated, worried and suffering from constant negative thoughts about yourself and the world on a daily bases, then it is guaranteed that your body will be showing some major signals such as illness, pain and tension.  You are not alone and most psychologists will tell you most of humanity is suffering from some degree of physical/emotional discomfort, all because of long held stress.

Stress, deep unconscious stress is now finally being recognised as a major cause of health problems.  
The underlying problem is that since stress is with us all the time we get use to it and take feeling tired and irritable as a normal way of living.
Only when our emotions get out of control and swamp our minds do we consciously take note of our internal state of pain.

Short term stress isn’t the problem in fact it can save your life. It is the long term, consistent stress that wears the body system down.
The charges we carry in our brain, heart, organs, muscles and ligaments for years,
 eventually cause this beautiful body/mind to become unhealthy and prone to dis-ease.

Our senses are  bombarded on a daily bases with what is wrong with the world. Digital technology can now bring you war and suffering from across the world right into your home 24/7, ahh the miracle of new technology.

As time and the pace of our lives seems to move faster and faster, the challenges of maintaining our mental clarity, focus,
 physical vitality and emotional health can often take us deep into the sea of overwhelm.

From the TCM perspective, the Chinese have always understood that our thinking 
and emotional states are apart of the body-organ energy physiology. 
And if this is true, then there is a way of releasing harmful or disruptive energy 
and restoring balance to the bio-energetic field of the bodymind systems.

One of my favourite consciousness technologies that clears unwanted stress is EFT.
 – Emotional Freedom Techniques.  I love it because it is based on the energy flow of the meridians and acupuncture points.
 It is easy to learn, a joy to use and one of the most efficient emotional healing techniques 
I have found.

When EFT is used with understanding, it has immediate and far reaching results.
 It offers peace, freedom from pain and relaxation to body and mind.
 Once learned you have it for a life time. You can easily show others how to use the techniques. 
It is harmless and can be used to help children safely (great for any learning difficulties).

7 important points about EFT
EFT is a do-it-yourself therapeutic tool.
The Processes take from fifteen seconds to fifteen minutes to administer. When you are done, in many cases the problem will be gone forever.
EFT is totally portable. You can do it anywhere, without tools or equipment.
You don’t ever have to talk about what is bothering you Privacy is guaranteed.
You don’t have to understand the cause, or source, of the problem. EFT will work, even if you do not know why you feel the way you do.
EFT processes are effective with with children, even infants; and you can teach EFT to friends and colleagues.
EFT is reliable and predictable. If you learn the techniques and practice them correctly, you will see results.
EFT has no negative side effects. No one has ever been harmed by these practices.
EFT works for essentially any issue of productivity or work performance, from taking tests, to public speaking, over coming learning problems, to playing better sport, healing relationships and health problems.

If you’d like to join us to experience the peace that EFT can bring
please see the details below.

The Fundamentals  of Emotional Freedom Techniques –
Sunday, May 3rd 2015
 Xtrahealth Wellness Clinic
14 Cassia Drive
, Varsity lakes  QLD
Time:  9am – 5pm
Fee:  $165 includes comprehensive Manual, morning & afternoon snacks
Bookings essential:  Phone XtraHealth Reception 07 5522 0505


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