Meditation – the peaceful addiction

I first started meditating over 40 years ago. I still meditate every day for about an hour. If I didn’t it would only take about 3 to 4 days before I wouldn’t be nice to be around. I get cranky and annoying. Like a person who has given up an addiction such as smoking or coffee, I am addicted to meditation, not because I look cool sitting on a mat but because I am addicted to the state of peace that I get from quietening my mind and giving up my resistance to feeling my emotions wash through me.
I started meditating after I had gone through a painful divorce. I had never felt so much pain as i did when my partner decided that I wasn’t good enough to spend the rest of her life with. I felt a failure, unlovable, lonely, and mildly depressed. Somehow I knew that the best thing I could do was to just sit in bed and let go my resistance to feeling my pain.
It was intense, large ache throbbing in the centre of my chest.
I decided to stay with it, breathing into my pain, letting it just ache and ache. I don’t know how long it took but eventually the pain started to drop.  It began to dissolve or resolve. That first night I learnt that resisting the pain only made it worse and that the best thing I could do was to do nothing. ‘What you resist persists’, is true when we try to get rid of our emotional pain.

When I now look back I am glad that my inner guidance told me to sit, breath and feel. I recognised that the pain had burnt away my ego and had opened my heart to feel compassion for other people who where suffering. The fire of my suffering had burnt away the dross of my ego’s distorted beliefs of who I thought I was.
When I meditate I often start with just going inside and noticing what I am feeling and where it is in my body. I breath into that area until I feel my nervous system let go. Then it is just a matter of deeply relaxing into a practice of concentration and inner stillness.
To hear my inner voice, I must practice having a quiet mind. There are many techniques that teach stillness and internal silence and it only takes practice to become aligned to the Higher Self where peace and love resides.
There is never a bad or a failed meditation. To succeed all I need is the willingness to turn up at the mat. “Give God 1/2 hour and He gives you back the rest of the day” is a statement I whole heartily practice.
Each time I am willing to ‘show up’ I experience a deep letting go into grace and grace for me is the spiritual grease that makes the world go round.
I am so glad the ‘art of meditation’ is on the rise in popularity. As we live on such a busy and chaotic planet it is very important that we all take the time to reconnect and recharge. This can only really be done when we take the time to be with our own Higher presence and for me it needs to happen on a daily basis.
written by Rob Kendall
Robert and Shauna Kendall are meditation teachers who run regular courses to teach the fundamentals of meditation. Within these courses they enjoy holding the space, giving everyone the opportunity to experience the gifts that meditation offers.
They will be running a half day Meditation course this Sunday 19th April at
XtraHealth Wellness Clinic Varsity Lakes. Gold Coast.
To book call 07 55 22 05 05

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