Healing seminars – It is time for a healing change

How was Your Christmas and New Year?
I don’t know about you but I am glad 2014 is over especially the last couple of months. It seems that there are still (ha!) things in my unconsciousness that need to be cleared . My ego has so many ways of keeping me busy clearing the mind blocks to Inner peace.
Last year was a powerful vehicle of change for many of us.
it was a year of looking at our shadows and becoming aware of how we all live in this world.  It was a year of consolidating what was best in us and dropping what was not.
We are all being asked to keep clearing our blocks while moving into the higher light of consciousness.
‘We are at the dawn of the golden age’ the mystics tell us. The good news is ‘that we have eternity to get it right’
This year Shauna and I are continuing to reinvent ourselves, once again.
We have had enough of suffering and struggle.
We have had enough of constantly living in a world based on stress and fear of the future.
This is not how we are meant to live, being always anxious about health, money, happiness and relationships. MA_Rob10

After returning from India with my Awakening certificate in 2013, I like most people, expected my life to be easier, flowing and full of love and light.
Yeah right, that lasted for about 4 months and then it was back to work clearing out those painful unwanted dark areas in the psych.
Thank God that I had over time cleared most of my old childhood programming and unhealthy belief patterns. Or had I?
As a healer and spiritual seeker, I developed and utilised many consciousness tools that quickly help me deal with stress and pain.
Being an Energy healer I am aware of  how important it is
in all types of healing, both physically and emotionally to know how to heal old unhealthy beliefs, degenerative cellular patterns and negative emotional beliefs.
I also have come to accept the fact that many people don’t want to face their shadows.
They would rather have a quick fix, keep busy and just get rid of the surface problems without really changing the causes of their inner suffering.

Over our lives as healers and spiritual seekers, Shauna and I have developed some great consciousness tools that help us quickly deal with stress and pain. We have learnt how important it is for all types of healing, both physically and emotionally.

We see ‘stress’ as the primary cause of over 90% of health issues. That is a big statement to make but brain research is revealing and demonstrating the effects that stress and negative thoughts have on our bodies. emotions and mind.

We have just finished a great book called ‘the Healing Code’ by Dr. Alexander and Dr,Ben Johnson MD.  If you want to understand the effects that stress is having on your body and your nervous system read this book.

This year we have decided it is time for us to share with you the large amount of information we have gathered, on how to heal stress and bring your mind and body into a state of inner peace and happiness
We are deeply committed to helping people develop great tools to heal and find happiness.

There are so many paths to follow these days how do we know what is best. The only answer to that is ‘experience’. You must gather your own experiences and find someone who has gone before you.

Our seminars will only hold what we ourselves have experienced. So we look forward to meeting you either in person at one of our seminars or online through skype or google hang outs.  See  you soon

Robert and Shauna Kendall

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