Why Meditate?

I have been meditating for over 40 years. In fact I am addicted to sitting still for an hour and completely letting go into the moment.  It brings me great peace and a quiet mind.
I first started meditating because I had gone through a messy divorce (emotionally) and I wanted to get rid of the suffering and pain I was feeling. I started with the simple technique of watching my breath and allowing the pain to surface. It was very uncomfortable in the beginning to just “let it be” but the more I breathed into my pain the more it dissolved and the lightness of peace appeared.
I recognised that all my suffering was from my busy mind. My thoughts kept going over the past trying to get rid of the pain but that just seemed to cause more pain.

In Ancient Chinese wisdom of the Tao, it says that “from the One(ness) comes the two (yin/yang) and from the two comes the three and from the three comes the 10 thousand things.” This is a description of how our minds create the world.

Mandala by Robert kendall

lotus pad meditation

Quantum science now tells us that it is our thoughts that create the 3rd dimension, our world is made up of our thoughts, what they call our ‘personal perceptual bias’.

At 11 billion plus thoughts a second (right brain) we are creating our reality in the torsion field of our total consciousness. And only 7 to 12 thoughts a second are being picked up by our conscious linear thinking left brain.

If you think you are in control of your life you are making a big mistake. In fact you are not even in control of your body functions, most are being run at the subconscious level automatically.

Imagine if you had to wake up every morning and take control of your heart beating, lungs breathing, digestion, bowels, temperature regulation, hormonal balance, I could go on.
Even the thoughts that you think you are choosing, are selected by how you feel and the way your belief system has been designed. Someone from India is going to see the world differently than you. If fact take a baby and more it to next door or move its placement in the family (1st 2nd 3rd child) you will have a different human being developing.

So to work on your thoughts is to work on the reality of your life. In changing how you think you are changing the world and Universe you live in.

In Meditation you are turning your gaze inward. You are beginning to understand that you are the cause and the external world is the effect. Many people blame the outside world as the cause and what they are feeling as the effect. They have become lost in the busyness, some say craziness, of our eternal world.
When you meditate you stop adding to the ‘10,000 things’. The Zen Masters see your mind as a bucket of dirty water that you are constantly stirring with your thoughts. You drop a golden coin in the bucket but you have lost it because the water is too disturbed. Stirring won’t help. The bucket must be placed down and left to settle. Then without effort the dirt drops to the bottom and the shinning gold coin will reveal itself.

Here is the secret of sitting still. We are removing the stick and letting the mind settle. We don’t do anything, in fact it is imperative that we do not add more to the mind.
We just keep letting go, surrendering to what is, we become the witness, the watcher to all the thoughts and feelings that our brain and nervous system has been storing away ever since our birth, or maybe even it is past lives and the ancestral brain of the world that we are experiencing as our own thoughts.
Some masters say all these energies flow through our brains in continuous waves of group consciousness. When we heal ourselves we heal the world and when we awaken, then the whole world is awakened.

Meditation is not for the fainthearted, it takes courage to be fully with your emotions and thoughts. It truly is the path of the spiritual warrior.

Neither tile below his feet nor slate above his head, the spiritual warrior has no where to stand, he makes the empty handed leap into the void”

(I forget where this quote came from, I have carried it for many years. It has given me courage to take the leap into the unknown)

by Robert Kendall

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