Money and the art of Giving

Hi Everyone

How do you feel when you give?

Today’s blog is a follow on from my last entry on ‘money as a spiritual path.’Let us have some fun and talk about ‘giving money away’. “Ohh no!  he is going to use the G word.” How do you feel when you give money away?

In the act of giving there are so many spiritual lessons to learn. This is where the energy of money can really play with your ego mind. It is also the place that really shows you how well you trust, whether you believe in a higher power to look after you or not. This is where your fears of lack show up and where your judgements of the rich and poor surface.

I have had many lessons over the years in giving. I have attended prosperity classes, read more books that I can count and have endeavored to place into practice whatever resonated with me. The one lesson that I always found that worked the best is the act of giving, I always come back to it as a major technique for prosperity. This lesson has been reinforced within my psych and heart time and time again.

Only recently I have returned to ‘consciously’ giving once more. Over the last 2 years I have been utlising my savings. I had put aside some money from a house sale, and have taken the time to relax and focus on my spiritual transformation, a sort of semi retirement.LotusPinksm

I think some part of me thought the money would last for ever and if I needed to make money I could easy come back to full time work. The problem with that is I don’t have the drive to do the same work in the same old way and if I wish to be successful in my profession then I should be doing more. So the money hasn’t flowed inwards. I have had big lessons in trust and letting go hence my earlier blogs.

I have been reinventing myself and looking at what I am passionate about. The Divine has thought it more important for me to develop trust than to give me what I pray for. This has brought up all my fears of the future, my fear of failure, my fear of growing old and especially my fear of running out of money. If I don’t work, in the usual way for it then where is it going to come from?

It is crazy because if I really surrender to my life now it is great. I live near the beach I have a beautiful house to live in, plenty of food in the fridge, hey i have a fridge. We have two cars and a house full of furniture, so why am I so fearful of the future? My only answer is that my mind is still filled with subconscious negative beliefs. It seems that my ego wants to hold on and it will do what ever it can to keep me in my old patterns of lack and attachment.

So I have started to take a deeper look at these stories of lack and failure. I have realised I have a belief running that says ‘because I have money in the bank I can’t ask for more, I feel guilty that I am asking for more when there are so many people suffering in this world.’ My fear of running out of money has made me grasp what I have even tighter. I have stopped the flow and focused on what is not flowing to me.

I guarantee that if you are always thinking about ‘what you want’ then you are also saying loudly to your self “I don’t have it”, creating the vacuum of more ‘don’t have’. Holding on stops the flow.

I know what happens to my finances when I don’t give generously, my money will be taken from me. If I am holding on to my money out of fear of losing what I have then strange things start to happen to me. The car breaks down, bills go up, clients stopping coming to me, I over spend for products and food. The flow of money is going away from me whether I like it or not.

The opposite occurs when I give generously.

So here is your home play this week, start to give some of your income away. multiply what you give by 10 and expect that you have already received your gift. Remember to be grateful, open and ‘lighthearted’.

Till next time happy giving.


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