Money as a gateway to the Divine Self

Hi Everyone

Wow where does the time go? It has been a couple of weeks since my last blog on letting go.  This blog has taken longer than normal to finish.

I have really had enough, I am over it, I am tired of listening to all the talk about money. Money money, money, that’s all I hear people talk about. The world is obsessed with getting money and making big profits. We dig up the environment for money, we go to work in jobs we don’t like, we spend our whole lives struggling to find money and to do what? Spend it on what?

I have come to realise how rich the study of money can be when we use it as a spiritual pathway to Higher Consciousness. Making money, money ethics, giving money, manifesting money, money as bad or good or money as grace.
If you are really honest and trace your need for money back within you, behind the need, you will realise that desire for money is just a means to an end.

Behind all our needs is our basic need to feel safe and happy. Think about what you do with your money, what do you save it for? Behind all our desires is our great need to find inner peace and love. Yes we do it, all that ‘money grabbing’, to feel free safe and happy.flower_of_lifeweb

I could talk to you about wealth, money, abundance from the standard ways of how to get more abundance in to your life and how to become rich, but, I see a bigger problem that few are tackling. Money is an energy, it is neutral so it is really our thoughts and desires about money that creates suffering.

The Buddha said that ‘all life is suffering and that all suffering is caused through desire’. The word desire has been mistranslated in the west. In the East they believe that the English word ‘craving’ is closer to the truth, that all suffering is caused through our cravings for things.

I deeply believe that all of my problems with money are really spiritual lessons, showing me how to clear my blocks to the Divine Presence within. That money has the same power to teach me as does health and relationships. They are all packed with lessons and opportunities to love and grow. “God finds me the perfect hassle everyday”

How about a new way of looking at money. What if we all treated our need, desire and craving for money as what it truly is, a path that has only one purpose, to transform and awaken us to our Higher Self.

Money if used consciously will reveal and show you how to clear your blocks to love and inner peace. Over the years I have attended many courses, read lots of books and practiced many techniques. I have approached making money from many directions
ie. Buddhist, Yogic, Christian, Taoist, New age psychology and Quantum Physics. Oh yes lets not forget all the hard work and sacrifice taught to me by my parents.

For 40 years I have been doing my best to change my thinking and open myself to the creative cash flow. Some of these methods have been remarkable in producing the needed miracles of prosperity, others have only become fruitful after a long period of trial and error and others where just a waste of time, or where they?

As I write this blog I realise that under all my endeavors has been the excitement of manifesting what I desire. I have always wanted to be the alchemist or wizard playing with Universal consciousness to create and manifest the best I can imagine.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So over the coming weeks I am going to share all that I have learned about money. Not how to make it but how important it is as a tool of transformation and awakening. Lets have some fun with money and if you become abundant along the way then you can send me some of what you made. whoa!
See there are two lessons there already, are you able to give generously and receive gracefully?

Till next time here is a prosperity tip – fill your life with grace by giving generously.


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