“Letting Go” Seminar

“Letting Go” of the internal Saboteur
by Robert Kendall B.AC Dip.Med.Herb mAACMA

This isn’t the part 3  of my Letting Go blogs, that is still to come. Shauna and I are giving a seminar on the Letting process on Saturday 19th July. So we wanted to send out the information for everyone to register.  Below is an article I wrote for our necanyon_man_1[1]wsletter at Xtrahealth Clinic.

I am often asked “how do I change and break the negative patterns that make me sick or tied or fat or lazy or anxious. What can I do to heal my body and bring peace to my mind?”

My answer is simple ‘Let go’ your stress, let go your worries, let go your negative emotions. I know this sounds too easy and we all know how hard it can be to face up to our internal fears and negative stresses.

Research has shown that we pick up 50% of our basic habits and attitudes by the age of 4; we pick up another 30% by the age of 8 and 10% more by the age of 14 years old. By 14 we have 90% of our basic habits and belief systems in place. We then spend the rest of our lives trying to figure them out and change them.

Do you know that the word ‘personality’ comes from the Greek word ‘persona’? In the ancient Greek theatre the actors used the happy and sad masks to portray what emotion they would be acting in. So if you have a great personality you have a great mask. We all have masks built up from early childhood and research is now showing that even our time in the womb and birthing experiences are the first energy blueprints laid down in our bodyminds.

From there we build our masks of protection and we develop our individuality. This is how our egos are created, our unconscious belief patterns are built up over years all for the purpose of survival. The brain is programmed to look for danger. When we cross the savannah we are looking out for the animals that might eat us and the animals that we might eat.

Ancient humans could do little to change their dangers, this is part of the reason that they only lived for 40 years or so. Modern research is now showing us that women under long term stress may shorten their lives anywhere from 9 to 14 years. With all our modern medicine we aren’t living much longer than 80 years. In fact we are losing quality of life in order to have a few more years of life.

One common problem that is a symptom of a stressful life, is weight gain. Fat accumulation has a direct connection to stress as it is often how a person will emotionally protect themselves. They will eat to quieten the mind and calm their emotions. The body holding on to fat is a natural form of protection from ancient days of seasonal starvation and this fat gene is directly linked to the need to survive. No matter how we diet or exercise if the weight is related to stress/negative emotion nothing will change in the long term unless we are willing to let go our negative emotional patterns.
When we crossed the savannah we had to be prepared to run or fight; what we refer to as the fight or flight response. Our body mind complex would automatically go into this syndrome for protection and survival.

Adrenaline increases your heart rate, elevates your blood pressure and boosts energy supplies. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, increases sugars (glucose) in the blood stream, enhances your brain’s use of glucose and increases the availability of substances that repair tissues. – Mayo clinic

Consciously we might want to be thin, happy and peaceful but unconsciousnessly we have deep subconscious survival patterns that seem to have control over our minds and bodies. I know that in the morning I feel great, full of energy with no cravings for sugar or fatty food. However by dinner time I am often tired and all my addictive patterns return.

It has taken many years to realise that this ‘evening guy’ is just coming from old addictive patterns of seeking comfort in food, TV, coffee, alcohol. “What you crave you are addicted to” is a Kinesiology saying.

So what can we do to change these old patterns? Well first we must recognise that we have these negative feelings and then sit quietly and ‘let go’ our resistance to them. When you stop reacting to negative stresses you stop the need to be in survival mode.
As an Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist I have been trained to see the body/mind as an energy system. In that energy system the emotions are counted as one source of disease. Change the energy pattern and you will see changes in the emotions, mind and the physical body.

Healing will begin to happen naturally as you discover your own state of inner peace and quieten the negative internal dialogue going on between your conscious and unconscious selves.

For more on the subject of “Letting go” please go to my blog on my website http://www.heavenearthhealing.com/blog/
OR attend our seminar:

“Letting Go the Internal Saboteur”
Saturday 9:30am to 4;30pm
– 1 day Seminar at XtraHealth Wellness Clinic,
Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast Queensland.

Developing emotional freedom and Inner Peace techniques – deeply beneficial for healing, relaxation, weightloss and removing internal stress. Seminar will contain Meditation, visualisation and creative intuitive techniques.

Fee $140 includes Manual and Relaxation CD (value $40), pay $185 on the day and receive a private consultation with Rob (value $95).

Robert may be contacted on Mobile: 0411 715 700

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