healing happens 10 times faster….


Healing happens ten times faster…………..
by Robert Kendall B.Ac Dip.Med.Herb.
Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Kinesiologist

I have been practicing natural medicine for over 30 years and I am still amazed when people refuse to acknowledge that their negative emotions contribute to all their health problems. No matter what your dis-ease or health problems might be, I guarantee there will be an emotional aspect causing the condition to be more severe or painful. This is especially true of health problems that refuse to go away or are becoming worse.

“The inner experiences of most people is marked by constant stress. Most of the stress that results in emotional and physical disorders in our society is psychological in origin…….the main stress to the majority of us most of the time is due not to external stimuli, but to the pressures of our own suppressed emotions.”
Dr David Hawkins MD, PHD Letting Go the power of surrender

Western Medicine has thousands of research papers over many years, showing the connection between negative emotions and physical symptoms and still it is hard to find a doctor who will make ‘how you are feeling’ a part of the diagnosis.sand-stones Continue reading