AI = Awakening Intelligence

We are all missing the point when it comes to Artificial intelligence.

Billions of dollars are being spent on creating robots and super fast computers to ‘make our lives better and smarter. Somehow you will be a better person when you have a chip implanted into your brain and you can then tune your brain through your Mobil app to the information and feelings you so desire. But what about the saying, ‘Garbage in garbage out?’

We are all missing the point. We already have a super computer that can access the universe. This computer lasts over 100 years, can self generate, rebuild it self, rewire its connections, can think creatively, has huge storage capacity, has multiple parallel processes, records everything that comes through multiple input ports. I could go on but I think you know what I am speaking about, yes folks that’s right, it is the ‘wetwear’ that sits between our ears and behind our eyes, the human brain.

Brain research tells us that we are lucky if we use 5-10% of our brains. Geniuses like Einstein maybe used 15%. We are also told that the left brain thinks about 20-40 thoughts a second and the right brain thinks between, well I have heard anywhere between 11 billion to 400 billion thoughts a second.

Our thoughts are faster than light and this is where our abilities to create the Universe come from. It is all happening in our brains and our nerve centers such as the heart (it has 1000 times more energy that the brain), and energy centers or nerve plexuses, what the yogi’s call Chakras.

Have you heard the expression, “you create your own reality” well it is true. The only time that truly exists is the time called NOW. Right now is real, this present moment is real the rest we make up in our brains. Past and future exists in our thinking. The past is our memoirs and the future is made up of our past thoughts projected forward.

Thoughts are electrical/chemical impulses that have been stored in the body mind complex. Even from before we were born we have been laying down patterns of behavior. We have created what the Quantum scientists call ‘our personal perceptional bias’. That is to say that our perceptions of the world are dictated by how we have ‘learned’ to see the world.

Your birthing experience, learning how to walk and talk, facial recognition, emotional development all created to keep you safe. Your main priority in the early years was all about how to survive and depending on what you learned and how you learn became how you grew up into the person you are now.

This is what the people who are trying to create Artificial Intelligence are struggling with. One of the main problems is that the people who are writing the codes are doing so through their own perceptional bias. They are creating from their own limited programming.

I personally see we are creating huge problems for ourselves. TV, movies, Gaming, video games are IT programs that stimulate, through color and sound, that it is ok to be violent, and killing anyone who gets in your way as the only answer to your problems. How many murders does a young child see now in the movies? Is it ok to use violence to solve your problems? If you watch enough TV it seems to be ok.

I could say that the young computer programmers of today are corrupting the thought patterns of the next generation who are then going to be the programmers who will be dictating how these new AI computers with behave.

Maybe the movies like the Terminator and Matrix aren’t to far away.

There is an answer to these problems but we have to be willing to change how we see and experience the world. We have to be willing to lift our consciousness out of the limited thinking of the past and step up and out into the light of a higher consciousness. We have to be willing to drop the old worn out past, let go the old programming while refocusing and reprograming. It is a matter of becoming aware of our true inner loving intelligence.

It means we have to raise our vibration, our frequencies, and start to work in the multidimensional quantum fields of light and love. What we have to learn is how to open our brains to the frequencies of light, joy and happiness.

We need programmers who will bring the power of computers in to the creative fields of light and colour that speak of the power of the ‘force within’. We need to make Peace as exciting and stimulating as war.

There is hope, over the last 20 years I have used Biofeedback and Binaural programs to deduce my stress levels. These systems are designed to reprogram the brain and heart by relaxing the nervous system and changing the brain wave patterns while centering the heart.

I will be going deeper into using meditation and the brain wave patterns that are needed to rediscover your full potential. A little bit of what I will be discussing in my future blogs can be found in these websites Heartmaths, Wild Divine owed by Unyte and a cool app for iPhone that I have just starting using

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