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Speaking of Water..

Water is such a vital part of our being here on this planet. Its worth remembering water's amazing and marvellous functions...lets look at a few of them.

Brain Function:
The brain is 2% of the body's total weight and receives an amazing 15-20% of the blood supply which is mostly water. Dehydration will affect cognitive ability and can through histamine's action create depression (many anti-depressant medication are anti-histamines)

Bone Tissue Function:
Bones require plentiful supplies of water. 75% of the upper body weight is supported by the (watery core of the) 5th lumber disc and the rest by the muscle fibres around the spine. Nerve Function: Very fine microtubules that run along the length of nerves transport nutrients and conduct energy to the synapses.Dehydration will hinder proper nerve function resulting in the sensation of pain.

The body has many water dependent chemical reactions. Dehydration means some of these processes will become faulty metabolic processes, eg proteins and enzymes do not function as well in acidic solutions of higher viscosity where the body is dehydrated.

Leads us to
Digestion needs plenty of water. The stomach relies on mucus lining the walls to shield it from the effects of the stomach's hydrochloric acid. Any acid that attempts to break through the mucus is neutralised by a bicarbonate solution that is produced by the cells. This natural defence system requires water to be effective.! So before you resort to drugs to stop digestive pain, first try having a few weeks of adequate water intake and see how you feel.

When to have water?
Its best to have water between meals. 1.5-2lt, more if working hard outdoors, Room Temp! no ice!

What constitutes water?
2 hydrogen atoms & one oxygen atom - THAT'S ALL.

Coffee, tea, diet soft drinks, beer and other liquids do not constitute water intake.

"Many of today's designer drinks are diuretic in their effect (water-expelling) (and don't think that this is a good thing if you are attempting to loose weight because it isn't.) because their mostly acidic compositions require the body to give up water in order to eliminate their harmful residues. Diet sodas especially are harmful in that they require large amounts of body-water to neutralise the phsphoric acid component (2.8pH). Cells that started off healthy and 'plum-like' shrivel to prunes as progessively denied them. The sick in our hospitals are fed the sodas, tea and coffee they ask for in woeful ignorance of the damage wrought to the micro cell-world within them."
Phillip Day, Water, the Stuff of Life, 2004.

Article by Robert Kendall

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