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Health Foods - Nutrition - Diets - Recipes:

Raw Juices Recipes with healing powers

Here are some great Juice formulas taken from
"Raw Juices Can save Your Life"
by Dr. Sandra Cabot, 2002, WHAS, Camden, Australia.

For Chronic or Recurrent Infections, Fatigue and Skin problems

Antibiotic Juice Recipe :

Metabolism Booster :

A Fat Buster that is Great for Cellulite:
An overloaded and toxic liver and lymphatic system will contribute to cellulite. This juice is great to get blood and toxins moving. Also skin brushing followed by a Epsom salt bath 3 times a week will help the circulation and drainage of wastes.

Irritable Bowel/Digestive Upsets:

Digestive Juice suitable for Stomach infections: - like Helicobacter Pylori :

Weak & debilitated Digestion:

Drink twice daily, ½ hour before meals.

Liver Cleansing:

This mix is high in sulphur and vit c to cleanse the liver. It is powerful so would suggest mixing one part juice to one part water or herbal tea.

General Liver Tonic:

You may add extra strawberries or apples to these mixes to sweeten them a little.

High Blood Pressure:

High Cholesterol:

People with diabetes will benefit by increasing their vegetable intake and having raw vegetable juices.

Type I diabetics are better off avoiding fruit juices and having whole fruit with all its fibre instead. Type II diabetes can be reversed if the body is still making its own insulin. (Get Dr. Sandra Cabot's book "Can't Loose Weight? You could have Syndrome X - the chemical imbalance that makes you store fat." It has excellent strategies for Syndrome X and Type II Diabetes) :

Pour Hot water over fenugreek powder. Allow to steep for 15 minutes. Wash and chop all other ingredients and put through juicer. Add to fenugreek mix. (Using all the fenugreek including the residue will give you the most potent effects - you can drain the fluid off and leave the residue but it will not be as potent and healing.)


There are many good books on juicing available, also you may want to check out your library.

Article by Shauna Kendall

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