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The Oneness Blessings Experience:

Oneness - an Altered State of Consciousness

There is a beautiful place in the Southern Indian mountains, the place of Sri Amma & Sri Bhagavan the founders of the Oneness University. They are living Avatars, an incarnation of the Divine.

Amma & Bhagavan have touched the lives of millions and are loved across the globe. They are a phenomena ushering humanity into its next phase of evolution in terms of consciousness. Their vision and mission is to bring humanity into the Golden Age, an age where we will live in total harmony with the universe.

We are working to bring about a fundamental change in the nature of each and every one of us, where our consciousness undergoes a transformation. No amount of change in the external world will result in a change in our hearts. We must undergo a complete transformation of our own inner condition. Without clearly recognizing it, we are being prepared to return to our natural state, that state is a state of Oneness.For a collective human consciousness of over 6 billion it is estimated that if a critical mass of 64,000 people get Enlightened, it will cause spontaneous change through geometric progression in the number of Enlightened beings.

At the Oneness Temple 8,000 people from around the world will be meditating at a given time. Deeksha (the energy transfer) is the most amazing phenomena happening today. People who have undergone an intensive process in Southern India have received the gift to initiate the Oneness process in others. They become a clear transparency for Amma & Bhagavan's grace to flow, enabling them to transmit this divine energy.

The Deeksha activates a shift in the brain, which activates a shift in consciousness. This can take you to a heightened God connection. Deeksha is a hands-on connection, where the oneness facilitator places their hands on the recipient's head (crown chakra). This won't always be necessary, as more and more experience this state of Oneness, it will become a spontaneous happening, but this will take time. The closer we get to a critical mass the faster things will accelerate, bringing about a shift for mankind. We cannot limit our vision to a specific religious tradition. It is time to broaden our vision. Spiritual practice can take you so far, but grace must take you the rest of the way.

The Oneness process consists of 3 elements:

The Deeksha can be likened to a seed, once transferred or given - the effect can be almost instantaneous - or it can be very slow acting. It is not so much the seed but the soil. It is unlikely that spiritual practice or knowledge alone will lead to Oneness. The Deeksha is a crucial element in the Oneness process. It is an endless journey of discovery, taking you into higher and higher states of consciousness.

After receiving Deeksha one can experience inner peace, silence, healing and an altered state of consciousness - it is a cleansing and a clearing - hurts and pains can also surface - the experience is unique to the individual.

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Article by Lisa & Pasquo Cassetta, Oneness Centre Australia

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