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Emotional Freedom Techniques:

monk in windowMoney and Emotional Freedom Techniques - Using a Consciousness technology for creating abundance and wealth

How do you really feel about Money? Do you love it and what it can buy you? Do you hate it? Or are you neutral to it?

Whatever your thoughts are about money they all come with an emotional charge. The word money often brings up more issues and thoughts than any other word except the word love. All the nations and people of the world have some reaction to money. Yet money is really a neutral energy. It is our minds and emotions that attach a charge of high energy to Money. The dictionary describes money as "a medium of exchange" or "an unspecified amount of wealth." No energy there until we start to think what it can give us or take away.

Any negative thoughts about Money means you are linking negative beliefs learnt from parents, friends, teachers and society. As I talk to my clients and friends the conversation will always have a money section, usually attached to fear or anger or worry or anxiety. At this time in the world Money seems to be foremost in many peoples' minds. The whole world seems to be in a money melt down or freeze. Money problems create a huge amount of suffering and pain on the planet. Our thoughts are being constantly stirred up with our material desires.

God said take no other God but Him but we went ahead and did it anyway. We chose money and material possessions instead. We are constantly being told or shown that just 1 more car or house or phone or TV or pair of shoes will make us happy and fulfilled. We are on a desperate search for happiness and peace by seeking satisfaction from an outside source.

Recently I learnt the difference between gratification and gratitude. Gratification is when we must have what we want and gratitude is when we are content to want what we have. I finally understood how we in the western world have created such a huge financial mess. We simply let our desires run wild and with lots of credit we let ourselves have whatever we want. We created an addiction for satisfying our hunger for happiness. We forgot that compared to the rest of the world we were already wealthy. If you are clothed, housed, fed and transported you are already in the top 5% of the world's population. To become truly wealthy, abundant and rich we must remove our internal negative emotional blocks of fear and anxiety. EFT might not make you rich but it may bring you happiness, peace and a deeper sense of self worth.

Our EFT seminar will be centered around peoples' money issues/problems, clearing the way to develop a new money reality. With the Emotional Freedom Techniques we will detoxify the mind's obsessions. With EFT we will explore where we subconsciously block our energy for life. Using EFT we will easily and gently clear the energy disruption created by our negative belief systems. Through EFT and Kinesiology we will be able to introduce, develop and create successful ideas for making money, allowing us an opportunity for a higher level of awareness about money and its purpose in our lives.

At the end of the workshop you will have learnt techniques to develop the emotional and mental abilities that lead to a happier and wealthier feeling for life. The Divine abundance will not enter where it is not invited. Material wealth is only a small part of true happiness and inner peace. If you have money issues then you are being given the gift of awareness. You are being shown where to do the inner work of love and forgiveness. There is no money problem that doesn't have a gift in its hands for you.

Come and spend a day with us while we explore the blocks to wealth, abundance and self transformation. This course is specially directed at helping you create a new money reality.

To be truly successful we must change our emotional perspective and rewire the mind's preconceived ideas of money and it's purpose. Our old negative money reality has to be replaced by a new consistently, unfolding, higher awareness of money. We have to develop a Money Intelligence, one that sees money as a means to self awareness, self transformation and self discovery.

A path that is fun, filled with a sense of joy is the first step to being a happy, rich human being.

Article by Robert Kendall

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