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The Magic of Light to Revitalize, Repair, Regenerate and Recover

Would you like to slow down the aging process and have revitalized skin?

Do you have problems with Scarring and would like to heal and soften old scar tissue?

Do you have problems with blood and energy circulation?

How would you like to speed up wound healing?

Would you like to soften the lines on your face and slow the ageing process down?

All this is possible with the new non-invasive InfraRed- Laser light therapy.

For most people the words laser therapy conjures up images of an invasive medical procedure used to cut through or heat up the skin. However heat is not the only element in a laser's repertoire. Our Red Light Infrared Laser creates an exciting energy therapy, one that is based on light, safe red infrared light.

As a low-level laser therapy, it makes use of the energetic component of light rather than the thermal action. It is natural in its approach, supporting what nature already does by enhancing the energy production process of the body's cells.

The laser is able to assist damaged cells that are in a low energy producing state to stimulate them with the energy needed to repair and regain their ability to function.

The laser is able to help the cells absorb light, improving their nutrient supply, oxygen absorption, energy production and their elimination of waste material, thereby increasing the life of the cell, reducing pain, building collagen and slowing down the ageing process.

The beauty of this system is that we are able to adjust the wavelengths and dosages according to the needs of our clients, enabling us to treat a whole variety of conditions.

It may rejuvenate micro-circulation and skin tone for debilitating conditions like aging, eczema, dermatitis and acne, as well as stimulating collagen production in aging skin. We use it to reduce scars, old and new.

In Post-surgery, it helps drain away fluids and promote fast and efficient healing this brings new blood supply to burns and transplanted tissues in reconstructive surgery.

It is able to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase blood supply in arthritic conditions.
It has the ability to unblock filtering points and kick-start drainage for lymphodema.

InfraRed-Laser light therapy starts with ten minute treatments on a small scars or injured areas to one-hour treatments for a more extensive problems.

Most patients need a minimum of six treatments to activate the area being treated, depending on the severity of the problem.

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Program
As we age cellular metabolism and circulation slows down and natural collagen production decreases.
Skin cells take longer to regenerate and the damaging effects of free radical molecules take their toll, which ultimately will reflect in the outward appearance of our skin.

Skin and Collagen Regeneration
Regular treatments using our Infrared Laser increases production of your own natural collagen. This combined with the deep acting affects on the underlying muscles, increases firmness and significantly improves sagging tissues of the face.

The Laser we use

Article by Robert Kendall

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