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Healthy Protein Alternatives for non- meat eaters

Use certified organic products where possible.

Research has shown that protein satisfies our appetites more than foods high in fats or carbohydrates. If you are a vegan then it is advisable to have some of these forms of protein in your weekly diet, or daily if you do a lot of physical training or have a more physically demanding job.

Amazing Amino Acids...If you don't want to have meat or don't have any fish or eggs handy - here are a few examples of how to get a complete protein profile from vegetable and grain sources. Remember that its best to alternate your grain sources, so have things like spelt, barley, rice, oat, rye breads, and rice cakes & crackers, lavashes, pittas around so you can have some variety in your diet.

Some Meat Alternatives

Pesto is a dip or on roasted vegetables or on an open toasted sandwich with slices of chicken and endives....Here is an easy recipe:

Dry washed basil leaves and place them in food processor with the pine nuts, garlic & parmesan. Process until finely chopped. Then Slowly, in a thin stream add olive oil to mix until all is well combined.

The great thing about pesto is that you can change the flavours by using Coriander instead of Basil and add the juice of a Lime, or use Fetta cheese, sliced black Olives and Cashews as a base mixture...go on explore a little!

If you eat meat then this article might help
The Meaty Bits...Protein, Fats and Organic Meat verus Processed Meats

More Recipes
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Article by Shauna Kendall

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