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Healing The World through the Love of the Sacred

Start of the Sacred Web Project

Shauna and I have decided that 2007 is going to be our year of helping the planet we live on. Nature and our Environment are under constant threat of destruction. Since we don't feel like we are able to get out there on the front line and demonstrate, we have come to the conclusion that the most powerful thing we can do is to send love and light out into the environment for positive change to occur. We then thought that there must be other people like us who feel pretty frustrated about how humanity is treating the earth spaceship we are all living on, and that these people would love to do something but don't have the time to become a demonstrator.

There have been times when we have felt a sense of hopeless as 2 individuals. Powerless to stop the suffering, the greed, the destruction and the excessive grabbing of the earth's resources. Our true quality of life is rapidly deteriorating in our own life time. Fish stocks are running out, growing pollution and waste dumps, global warming increasing, forests vanishing, water diminishing. All of this occurring because of the lack of vision for the future, the future of our kids, or their kids.

Our leaders seem to lack the vision. Where are our creative dreams of a glorious future?

As a meditator of over 30 years experience I realise the one true power that we all have is to turn inwards to our true loving Self. As I wrote in the last newsletter, change must occur on the inside first. If I wish to change the world, I must learn how to change myself.

What motivated Shauna and I into action was 2 events that happened on two consecutive days. The first one was that Shauna went to a talk by Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Paul is the man who goes down to the Southern Ocean and rams illegal Japanese whaling vessels. He started doing this out of a sense of frustration because little was being done about illegal fishing and whaling, by the governments who were suppose to be protecting the marine life. There are a lot of talks between nations but very little actually gets done. It all changed for him when he was next to a whale as it was harpooned. In the dying eyes of the whale he saw his own reflection and he knew from that moment on he was going to dedicate his life to saving the whales. You can visit his website at

Shauna came home with the message that everyone needs to be doing something if we don't want to see the whales wiped out. Paul said "take the skill that you have and use it well". Now Shauna and I aren't brave enough to go down to the Antarctic and place ourselves in 'Harms way'. What we can do is meditate, pray and hold space for positive change. We both strongly believe that if enough people hold a vision, fill it with their love and light miracles begin to happen. We also realised that we can write and we have a website.

The 2nd thing that happened on the very next day was a friend gave us a dvd (Blowin' in the Wind) made by an Australian Journalist, David Bradbury, about the Depleted Uranium (DU) shells (tank busters) being used in Iraq. It showed some horrible photos of deformed babies that are now being born in Iraq, because the sand in the streets around these burnt out tanks is radioactive., and then of course, the sand blows in the wind to the next town and on and on it blows.

What was really scary was that the Australian government has now signed an agreement with the US Navy to allow weapon testing in Australia. It has already occurred north of Perth about 150 miles up the coast and next year there will be a huge combined military exercise at Shoalwater Bay in Queensland, which is only about 40 miles north of Yeppoon. This really hit home, as Shauna's parents, brothers, sister-in-laws and children, take their holidays in Yeppoon as do thousands of people from all over Australia.

Also the Australian Government has decided, after signing the agreement with the USA that no environmental studies needed to be done in these areas. Even though it has been shown that this radioactivity can travel thousands of miles on the wind (for thousands of years - Its going to take more than a 15 day detox box to get rid of that). American ex-soldiers are dying by the thousands from the 1990 war in Iraq with the USA government refusing to recognise the connection with the DU shells.

After watching the dvd I was angry, scared and just plain disgusted. It all felt too big for me as one human being to be able to stop the ignorance and arrogance. And yet I believe that behind everything is an innate wisdom and love protecting us all and guiding us always to healing and truth. To stay sane in this insane world I have to find something I can do to help this planet. As I write these words I realise how hard it is for me to discuss my beliefs in the Divine/Beloved/Spirit/Universal Light, what every you might call the Universal Consciousness. My fear is that I will be classed as another crackpot or religious nut.

My belief is that we have free choice and that allows us to create what ever we so decide. So I feel this is a school yard where we can come and practice being creators. We are an extension of the Divine and only Love is real. This is the treasure and the struggle of life. So what are we creating? Heaven or Hell?

How can I be so certain that prayer and meditation work, that focusing my love and light can change the world? There is a law of physics that states "that energy must exist before matter is formed". Acupuncture is a perfect example. When I treat with acupuncture I am working directly on the energy of the body/mind complex with lasting physical results. We know from science that each cell in the body sends out a micro wave pattern of itself before it subdivides and that the body is made up of 60%/70% water (in a adult). If you have read the works of Masaru Emoto, you will have seen how prayer can turn damaged polluted water crystals into beautiful crystals.

This picture is from Dr Emoto's book The Secret Life of Water. pub: Beyond Words. It demonstrates how 500 people saying a prayer of love over normal tap water could change the water's structure. Dr. Emoto said that chlorine in tap water usually prevents any crystals being formed, but with this prayer of love there was "an instantaneous effect no matter the distance or the source of the water"

It is all a matter of choice. What we choose to focus on is want we tend to create. Two new dvds that I heartily recommend to watch are "What the Bleep do we know" and "The Secret". Both movies help us understand the power that we have to attract and create the world we would choose to live in.

What can we all do to help the planet ?

Ask yourself the question, What can I do as a single individual? What skills do I have to help heal this planet? Well one thing Shauna and I can do, is offer our love, light, money, time and our website to help people come together at a level of consciousness that can contribute to holding an inner space for positive change.

This sense of coming together as a collective has been part of our lives since our time as members in the Findhorn Community. Many times while living there we experienced that as a group we would hold the space and meditate for a cause or resolution, and always without fail, the outcome was always greater than any individual could have independently hoped for. No one ever had the whole picture, but as a collective we could hold the creative space for the highest possible outcome and great things would always happen.

We learned that with any group process it is wise to hold the inner space (meditate, pray, share stories) first before embarking on any project. There is always greater cohesiveness amongst a group that works on the inner process first. The collective then becomes a conduit for wisdom, vision and love rather than just one person. Its a very powerful process and it takes time, but of course ultimately, it saves time in the end. Holding space in our hearts and minds with positive intention, allows us to offer a place for the creation of new ideas and alternative ways of being to take form.

By holding the planet this way we can focus our Love and our light into helping heal the world. Instead of focusing on our fear we can begin to create a world of our own choosing on the inner first, then manifesting as miracles and coincidences on the outer. We all have the ability to offer our spiritual energy to help manifest healing. Yes we need to be willing to surrender the results of our love and light. The way it helps or heals belongs to the Divine. We must trust that only the best will be done for all concerned and all levels of Nature will benefit.

What we have decided to do

Shauna and I have begun to include in our daily meditations the vision of a wave of love and light travelling around the planet at sunrise and sunset. And to make it easy for everyone to join in, we thought we could pray or meditate between 7-8am and/or 7-8pm for 5 to 20 minutes holding the planet in our consciousness. Seeing the planet and nature filled with our love. This can be easily done by thinking of things in Nature you appreciate and bring you joy. And if there is something local that you feel needs healing then focus on that specifically with all the love and awareness you can create at these times.

Our aim is to have a website that will eventually draw enough people in each time zone who are willing to give a little time each day to creating a peaceful, loving global healing wave. Over the next year our new website will be set up to help people connect to a network of like minded individuals and groups. We are creating meditations to help guide you through the meditative process that will be a free download from the website. We will have a map of the world which we see filled with points of light. We will have stories, projects, charities and eventually we hope to have success stories of what has positively changed for people.

Our new website will be called The Sacred Web Project. ( - not up yet.

If you are interested in being a part of this project or would like to know more, contact us here at the clinic or drop us an email. (We are looking for some great web designers who are fired up by the project.)

What ever you do, it will help.

A mighty wave is made up of millions of rain drops, add your drop to help heal our planet. It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little. Do what you can.
Sydney Smith

Article by Robert Kendall

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