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Food for the Skin - Why Use Certified Organic Skincare?

With words like 'natural' and organic' being slapped on just about everything you can buy in the stores these days, its vital that we become educated about truly 'organic' products. It really hits a nerve with me when names get trademarked with the word 'organic' and then I go and read the label, straining my eyes to find anything that might actually be anything other then some carbon based deriviatives of something that once resembled a plant about 10 generations ago. (You can compare it this way - Will you find apples in your apple computer? No. Its just a name.) Don't just go by the name - read that label!

The word organic brings with it a lot more than just - 'a compound containing carbon' - which unfortunately is the way a lot of people commercially get away with selling organic or natural products - "Well, it's derived from nature - it has organic matter (carbon molecules)". Its not a comforting thought for me to think that the fuel I put in my car and what I put on my skin all come out of the same hole in the ground - just different processes. (...'Use our lovely lotion...we have taken 'herbal leave's that have rotted for thousands of years....brought to you in this chemically-derived-from-oil form....yum....Sounds good - no?? well it's true). If you are truly interested in anti-aging and want a healthier life, healthier body then you do need to consider what you feed your body. This includes what you put on your skin as well as what goes in your mouth and what you breathe into your lungs.

I am particularly interested in the skin application of products. I am amazed at the lengths people will go to clean their insides and detox yet will still apply things to their skin which are accumulatively toxic. The skin is a permeable membrane - toxins can be released out and toxins can be absorbed, just as nutrients can be released and absorbed. Yes, each product only has a little bit of methyl paraben - but have you ever counted up how many things you come into contact with over a whole day, and then multiply it by 365 or so and then multiply it by 20 years or so?

Its just a matter of time because over time toxins accumulate. They add to our environmental burden of waste within our body, just more things our body has to deal with. This puts the body under stress. Stress and the accumination of chemicals in our body brings about aging (the average person now comes into contact with about 80 000 chemicals in a life time). The regeneration of healthy body tissues cannot keep up with the onslaught - nutritional poor foods, alcohol, medications, drugs, environmental pollutions, pollution of your space with electrical stimulation, phones, computers, machines humming away, artificial lights, synthetic clothing and home furnishings, all of these things bring more stresses for your body to have to deal with. They all interfere with the body's natural flow of energy/blood and it's mineral/vitamin balance.

So putting something on your skin which is inferior - meaning it has been so over processed and tainted with industrial processes that the goodness of the original essence of the thing is gone - means you are doing just one more thing that your body has to deal with, has to process.

The world wide turn towards certified organics is not a fad. Its a trend. A trend because as a collective we are becoming more and more educated about our bodies and our environment and seeing how we are at the top of the food chain. What we do in the environment will eventually reach us - its just a matter of time.

There is a real danger to your health when you use synthetic skin products, day in and day out for say 20 years or more.

Article by Shauna Kendall

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