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Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Program

As we age cellular metabolism and circulation slows down and natural collagen production decreases. Skin cells take longer to regenerate and the damaging effects of free radical molecules take their toll, which ultimately will reflect in the outward appearance of our skin.

Skin and Collagen Regeneration.
Regular treatments using our Infrared Laser increases production of your own natural collagen. This combined with the deep acting affects on the underlying muscles, increases firmness and significantly improves sagging tissues of the face.

How soon can I expect to see improvement?
The deep acting effects of our Infrared Laser therapy can be seen after the very first treatment. Renewed muscle firmness and relaxation of fine lines and wrinkles is further improved with regular therapy sessions to increase the production of your own natural collagen for long term reduction of wrinkles and sagging. InfraRed Laser is known world wide for its ability to slow down the ageing effects of poor diet, smoking, sun damage and lifes stresses. Combined with our WholeBody treatments you will experience a marked improvement in skin tone, texture and facial vitality.

Organic Skin Care Products
We use and recommend only the best in Organic Skin Care & natural botanical blends. Using our natural skin products containing anti-oxidants, vitamins and nutritional substances can effectively delay or reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Keeping your energy levels high and body supple are key to maintaining good health and vitality. Supplying your body with high quality nutrition, chemical free skin care/ body products, and organic foods will slow down the ageing process and support you in living a full and vital life.

WholeBody Treatments
All our body treatments are designed to release old energy blockages, relax the nervous system, increase and renew blood and lymph circulation. Supporting circulation and improving lymphatic drainage is vital to the ongoing health and maintenance of the body’s immune system. It helps with the elimination of waste products and acids which build up in the soft tissues leading to aches and pains, cellulite and poor vascular supply.

Includes organic cleanse, gentle exfoliate, moisturise 1 hour :: $89
Recommend 6 to 10 Treatments - Twice weekly for the first 3 weeks then once a week
Prepaid full Program (10) 10% discount

For more information on Laser light or learn how to have more vital energy and slow down the aging process

contact Shauna .

Article by Shauna Kendall

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