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EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques for our Furry Family Members?

We have been asked over the years if EFT can be used on pets as it is on humans, and our response is Yes!

So often we find using the merdian tapping points on our pets works well because they don't tend to carry the 'energetic baggage' that we humans do. We also suggest that pet owners also tap the issue on themselves because we are the ones that see it. By tapping ourselves we also helping to move energetic response to the issue and it allows us to become more present, and less in our emotional state, regarding the health or situation around our pet.


Our pets are often highly sensitive and pick up on the energies of the people and situations around them.

Once you know the tapping points and their order you can apply them gently on your pets.

Be observant and notice what happens.

If you want to do the 'leading statement' with your pet you can. For example, 'Even though I get scared of storms I still deeply and completely love and accept myself'! However I have found just tapping on the series of points is enough to bring about a shift in their state. After three rounds I usually see a major change. After say, an encounter with another dog they don't get on with, or being scared and shakey because of a storm, after tapping the animal will often completely relax, have a deep inhale and exhalation, sometimes stretch. The previous shakey state will go and they will go and get on their bed or go into their favourite hidey-hole and sleep.

The tapping itself is done gently and not forcefully and sometimes you can't tap all the points because they move around. That's ok. Tap what you can.

If they shy away from you, then tap yourself (surrogate) while you place a hand on them, for the state you see in them and this too will help.

I tapped a friend's rescued dog, that had been kept as a breeding dog in a tiny cage for the first couple years of it's life. The dog was hyper and barked at anything and everything that brought an element of change or surprise. It panted a lot and was completely over excited most of the time.

I tapped two rounds of the points and ithe dog just sat there at it's owners feet looking up at us. The panting had stopped and the frenetic behaviour stopped. A new state of calm enetered the dog's life for that moment.

So will it last? With EFT it is important to be mindful of context. In that moment, in his house, the dog calmed down. However it is quite likely that when his owners go with him for a walk, another dog or a noise might alarm him and so his owners would tap him; Sit him down on the spot and tap him. I know that life doesn't always present these moments so easily. So maybe they load him into the car and tap him there. The more they do it, the more they will help his nervous system relax and allow his true playful spirit to return.

Give it a go!



Article by Shauna Kendall

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