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Here are 7 main areas where Deep Alpha Relaxation can have a profound effect on the quality of our lives

Creating Vibrant Health, Healing and Recovering from Illness
Pain and dis-ease use up valuable vital healing energy that the body could be utilizing in the healing process. That is why it is said that relaxation and being in a peaceful positive, happy state of mind will help the body heal 10 times faster. Relaxation and Meditation techniques have become major tools in helping people recover from serious disease and injury.

Accelerated Learning -Learning Problems and Increasing Intelligence
Research over the last 30 years has clearly shown that the quickest and greatest results in learning and study come about when the whole brain is in a relaxed alpha brain wave level of awareness. Learning difficulties can be improved when the brain and nervous system are taught to deeply relax.

Whole brain learning occurs when both the left brain (analytical, logical learning, speech) and the right brain (spatial, visual, rhythm, emotional, intuitive) are activated and stimulated together e.g. singing (music and words). This naturally occurs in deep alpha relaxation. Negative stimulation of the fight/flight and emotional areas of the brain will diminish the brain's capacity to fully integrate the left and right brain.

Creative Thinking and Intuitive Visualisation
To think creatively or to be open to intuition we have to be able to still the chatter of our left brain and listen and experience the intuitive impulses of the right brain. When the right brain becomes free of restrictions it will float into endless possibilities combining information in greater and greater creative concepts.

Albert Einstein talked of sitting under a tree on a sunny day and dreaming of light bending through the Universe. This awakened dreaming state helped him create his E=mc2 formula. Most scientists won't admit it, but a great many of their discoveries have happened when they were relaxed and having fun. The left brain might need research to gather the facts but it takes the right brain to create an intuitive breakthrough.

Using Brain Power to Create Wealth and Quality of Life
Many people forget how important their thinking is when it comes to attracting wealth and success. Our attitude to money and abundance is usually a reflection of our family history. Any negative thinking towards wealth will cause us to make choices that repel and negate success. Statements such as 'money won't bring happiness', or 'it takes a lot of hard work to be successful' become belief systems that are self fulfilling.

Becoming aware of our thoughts and attitudes around money are fundamental in turning around our negative belief systems. Being consciously aware of our thoughts can more easily be achieved when the mind is in a deeper relaxed meditative state. This deeper state is also the best place to change the negative thoughts to ones of abundance, success and greater wealth. Deep Relaxation is the best place to start creating the new you and the new life experience you are aiming towards.

Creating Loving Relationships
It is impossible to have a happy loving relationship with someone if you are unable to have a loving and kind relationship with yourself. Relationships are the perfect mirrors reflecting back all our belief systems.

Our sense of safety comes when we fully realise all the love we desire is sitting patiently, waiting to be experienced in our own heart. However to reach the messages from our heart we must learn the art of inner listening. This state of inner listening can only occur when the body/mind has taken the time to become quiet and relaxed. It is then that the door of the heart will swing open and love will begin to flow.

Pregnancy and Happy Babies
We have a greater understanding now of the importance of the relationship between a pregnant mother's health and how it affects the growth of the foetus within the womb. What has also been shown is the direct correlation of the mother's emotional state with the baby's emotional state and brain development.

Music that is played or sung during pregnancy can also be utilised once the baby is born to help the infant settle down and sleep. This relaxing influence creates increased learning capacity plus a calmer attitude which will be felt by the child for the rest of his/her life. Learning to relax while pregnant can pay back dividends in the birthing experience and the first years of a baby's life. It's good to remember relaxation and music can be fun and result in a good night's sleep for both baby and parents.

Peak Sport Performance, Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan
The secret of relaxing the mind and mentally preparing the nervous system is now being used by more and more professional and Olympic athletes the world over to reach their personal best performance. In any form of performance training the aim of the athlete's mind is to be focused in the present moment, in perfect oneness with the action and the athlete. It allows faster, effortless, skill development, unlocking a process of natural concentration without thinking.

Classic eastern practices such as Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan are grounded in centuries of relaxation and mindfulness, often valued as much for their meditative benefits as exercise.


relaxation cd

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Peaceful Mind Healthy Body

Produced and arranged by Robert Kendall & Barry Michael
Original music composed, mixed & performed by Barry Michael
Vocals by Robert Kendall
Mastered by Kye Thomas at Woodstock Studios, Melbourne, Australia
Art direction and design Robert Kendall, Shauna Kendall, Barry Michael
Published by heavenearth healing

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