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Healing Acne naturally - Supplements Vitamins and Minerals

People with inflammatory skin conditions are often found to be lacking in the following:

Digestive enzymes
bromelain supplements may help; also adding smallamounts of fresh pineapple to your apple or pear juices. Also try 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in ½ water with meals . Various forms of digestive complexes are available from your natural health practitioner or from a health food store.

supplementation is important as almost all cases of skin disorder suffers are low in zinc available in tablet form or liquid, chelated variety in the tablet is preferable. Take as prescribed.Zinc has been found to facilitate wound healing, as well as normalizing oestrogen productions and reducing excessive androgen hormone levels

most people with skin disorders are lacking in B2,B5 & B6. In clinic we have found clients benefit from a multi-B - mineral/vitamin. This can often be more effective then giving just single vitamin specific (i.e. B5) supplements. So an all-round B Multi that includes minerals, or a B Multi along with some liquid colloidal minerals will help provide a good broad spectrum of nutrients for the body to utilize. Taken either in the morning with breakfast or with lunch. Really depleted clients may find they can take a whole B tablet at breakfast and another half at lunch time.

supplementation may help with infections as it helps fight bacterial buildup in the blood and garlic will also help the facilitate the movement of waste from the bowel.

supplementation can help improve insulin effectiveness in the conversion of linoleic acid to prostaglandin (anti-inflammatory agent)

A good Probiotic
from the health food store/or your natural health practitioner will help with liver detoxification as well as reinstate healthy intestinal flora. This is important to use especially if you have previously been on a course of antibiotics. The ONE Group company have come up with a probiotic that is free of dairy products called 'In-Liven' - a course of this probiotic is highly beneficial and nutrient packed. Remember when getting a probiotic, try to get a dairy-free one - they are available.

If using any of the vitamin A derivatives such as Roaccutane you should include vitamin E and carnatine in your diets. If you are using an antibiotic long term like minomycin then considering using vitamin C powder with bioflavinoids to help prevent the staining of your teeth and it is an excellent antioxidant. If your acne is associated with your menstrual cycle, make sure you try the Multi-B, with some kind of insulin support with chromium and cinnamon to assist with carbohydrate metabolism, as well as the lifestyle changes mentioned above. The herbal tea mentioned earlier is good to keep the liver functioning and the system flowing, especially during the PMT phase.

Keep the Skin Clean and Free of Debris

Keeping hands and skin clean and free from bacterial build up is important to stop the spreading of infection. Antibacterial face washes are available - Try one with tea tree oil, however some people are sensitive to tea tree so always patch test first. Use Castile or other pure soaps are gentle on the skin

A Homemade face pack:

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and apply for 20 - 30 minutes then rinse off with warm water. If your skin is very dry you can also put into this mix 1 drop of olive oil, or 2 drops rose oil or 2 drops of jojoba oil. This mix is gentle enough to use daily if you wish. Some clients find aloe vera gel helps protect and heal sores. If you are close to the ocean spending some time in the sun and salt water will help to dry out excessive oils and reduce bacterial build up, taking care to avoid sunburn of course.

For Ance vulgaris - Green Bentonite Clay draws impurities from the skin - make up a paste and use apple cider vinegar instead of water. This green clay has a powerful drawing power so you do not actually have to wait for it to dry totally. After 5 - 10 minutes you will fill it drawing, then you can rinse it off.

For Acne rosacea use a White Clay mask that is calming and use warm water or chamomile tea to create a paste. Add 2 drops of rose, jojoba or geranium oil if your skin is dry.

A note here - if you plan on using a green mask do it on the weekend or evening when you are not planning to be out or expecting visitors as the mask will draw the blood flow into the face leaving a red mark where the mask was, which then fades of course. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours to fade!

Clay masks like this can be done once a week to help purify the skin during the dietary changes and cleansing process.

Finally, keeping a healthy exercise routine and regular sleep pattern (in bed by 10pm) will help your body deal with stress a whole lot better and will support your body as you make lifestyle and dietary changes.

Make a Plan

When making changes to your diet and routine it helps if you can sit down and write out your new plan.Then place it up on your bathroom mirror and your fridge door, that way when your mind begins to wander and you are thinking 'what am I doing now?' you'll have a reminder in front of you to help you keep on track.

Article by Shauna Kendall

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