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Healing Acne Naturally - Dietary changes that may offer help

For some reason, talking about changing diet almost always brings a cringe to people's faces - as they are happy to 'take stuff' but don't really want to make the effort to modify what they put in their mouths. However, if you are suffering from acne and it is cramping your lifestyle and sense of self-esteem, then don't you think it would be worth the effort to take the time to eat what your body needs to bring it back into a healthy equilibrium?

Our bodies are great for giving us feed-back when something is not right or out of balance and every person's system has a unique balance. So these dietary recommendations are worth trying out for a few months to see how your body responds. As you incorporate these changes it is important to emphasize 2 factors -

Foods to increase in the diet

Inflammatory skin conditions like acne will benefit from beta-carotene/pro vitamin A foods.

Foods to avoid - Here we go!

All these foods mentioned in the 'avoid list' put an extra burden on the elimination function of the liver and kidneys so by taking them out we are giving the system a break and allowing it to cool down and regulate back to a more balanced state. Anti-candida type diets help for extra meal ideas.

Article by Shauna Kendall

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