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'Breaking the Stress Cycle - Cultivating Inner peace'
If you are feeling like there is very little 'space' in your life to be happy or you might be dealing with some stressful health issue that need some loving support, or you feel you need a new uplifting direction for your life, then this course may be of service to you.
We have designed this course to guide you through a gentle process of releasing your body's stress responses and help you build into your life a practice that enhances your daily quality of life.

It is packed with Relaxation cycles, Breathing techniques and 3 Meditation practices that are easy to learn and practice.

It will help you create that sense of inner space where you have time to breathe and live 'life' with more heartfelt happiness. With practice You will experience the meditation/relaxation response, and learn how to create a daily practice that helps establish the positive neural brain chemicals needed to create your life of choice.

If you are ready to Break your Stress Cycle
give our free Trial offer a go

Educational Kinesiology
Educational Kinesiology helps with the physical aspects of learning. Edu-K is an outstanding modality that helps with the integration of the neural networks and helps a person gain more access to their whole brain and inner resources. Session activities take you out of stuck and into a state of flow, more centred and able to more forward in life with purpose and more clarity.
For more information check here.

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Deep Alpha Relaxation Cycle
by Robert Kendall

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Our aim in creating this site has been to help you grow in ways that support Wellness, Happiness and Inner Peace.

We are reinventing and religning the way we help people to heal and be happy.

Robert no longer practises acupuncture.

Robert has retired from Clinical practice and is now focused on creating online courses of deep Relaxation and Meditation.

We are taking the focus off the physical body and focusing on the emotions, mind and spiritual aspects of Life

Over 2019 we will be revamping this website

We are developing an online learning website called

Our first course is now available
'Breaking the Stress Cycle - Cultvating Inner Peace'
This is a course that uses Meditation, Breathing and Deep Relaxation techniques to help you drop your stress levels while reconnecting you
to your own innate Love and Wisdom


If you are seeking health and happiness from a stressed and fatigued filled world, we trust you will find useful support here.

All the information, blogs & articles are based on our own personal experience of over 38 years of clinical experience with Traditional Eastern Energy medicine, Western Herbal medicine, Kinesiology, Quantum field healing and Meditation.

You are Welcome to Join us on this exciting transitory journey of exploring, growing, nurturing, loving, healing, and creating.

"If you want to awaken all of humanity
then awaken all of yourself,
if you want to eliminate the suffering in the world,
then eliminate all that is dark
and negative in yourself.
Truly, the greatest gift you have to give
is that of your own self transformation".
Lao Tzu